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Discussion in 'Character Customisation & Clothing' started by JediDave, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Dude, I think it actually works, I have both the skin and the tattoos and it didn't crash. Thanks man, hopefully it continues working; crossing my fingers.

    Initially I had other mods in the directory, but not the skin mod.
    First, I put the five str2_PC files into the /Your_character_mods_here. Then I ran the patcher.
    Second, I put the patched tattoo files into the /cache folder.
    Third, I placed the customization_default_items.xtbl into the /Saints Row the Third directory.
    Then I placed the customize_player.asm_pc into the /Saints Row the Third directory.
    Fourth, I ran the ASM_Updater (idk if previous and this step matter)
    Last, I took the customize_player.asm_pc OUT of the directory.

    So, I had NO str2_PC files in the directory and NO customize_player.asm in the directory (they are all patched into the tattoo mod I assume and the player.asm is not needed?).
  2. anyone know how to fix the name of the tattoos not showing up right?
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  3. I believe my tattoo names are messed up as well, even though they work. Names are more like "lower_shoulder_011".
  4. This could be because of your game language, or the modder just dediced not to edit the names in game.
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  5. The tattoos are supposed to have normal names I believe, it's in the readme somewhere. The game is english, did you mean something else?
  6. I get those weird names in my game too, but my SR3 is not in english. Since you get the same problem, is probably another reason. Hard to tell which one tho.
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  7. the mod also breaks if you have a mod installed that uses one of the le_strings files
  8. how do i get Jedi Daves Character customization to work with Things to do and Sandbox + because when i use the customiser it gives me two files i need to put in my cache and when i do that it causes my game not to run or the things to do mod to work

    so i dont know how to make them compatible with each other
  9. so how do we get the high hell wool stockings or any stockings to work?
  10. Go to Rusty Needle and equip them there
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