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This mod was created because when I got the game, not only did I have less than half the customization of saints row 2, some of it my opinion did not match the quality of the rest of the game. This was probably to do with time constraints and the tattoos seemed to suffer the most. I have learned all I know from this site so I took it upon myself to at least give the players some more options for the textures. As well as the tattoos I have played with some other aspects as well.

All one hundred and ninety nine tattoos have been given new images. Drawing influence from as many tattoo sources I could find trying to give it the real feel, there's everything from old school to realism. Also the eye textures and some of the make-up have been played with. More recently scars and skins have been added to the list. Details can be found in the readme and the menu.

The mod itself comes in the form of a batch installer. I have based this on the work done by IdolNinja and have tried to keep a similar format. If you can use Gentlemen of Steelport the this should be no problem.

The mod has been tested at every stage of it's creation but we can't get things perfect first time. It all works as well as I can get it for the moment which is about 95 %, more than enough for a release.

Here are the Thanks.

Minimaul for hosting the website in the first place and the work you have done, like the recursive package extractor which was very handy.

IdolNinja for the work he's done with batch files and giving me his blessing to use it as a source of information to create this mod. And of course all the moderating and other work you do.

Gibbed for the tool set which most us would be stuck without.

Last but not least, Scanti for the texture utilities which I couldn't have done anything.

Thank you all, now here's the mod.

Line up.jpg Lineup102.jpgLineUp 3.jpgonepointthreepointfive.jpgLineUp104.jpg


  • JediDave's Character Customizer v1.3.5.7z
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  • JediDave's Character Customizer v1.5.7z
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Please comment, post screens or whatever if you do like the mod, also if you have a suggestion please feel free, but bear in mind I have a full time job and a game which I haven't played properly since starting this mod.
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[V] IdolNinja

Volition Staff
Looking great. The vanilla tats are just plain terrible, so this project is was definitely needed. :)

I'll definitely be checking it out soon and posting some feedback.
These tatoos are great! Good work JediDave! :D
Thanks! I never understood why a game that puts so much emphasis on character customization had such a barebones and terrible tattoo system in place. It's even worse than Saints Row 2.

I wish the game had a system like Rock Band 3, where you can rotate, stretch, resize and move any tattoo to any spot on the body, and even customize it's colors or layer them on top of each other, but that's just wishful thinking on my part.
Thanks for all the hard work you put in this. I'm loving all the new tattoos!

Edit: Nevermind the question that used to be here. I feel silly because it was addressed in the readme.
Thank you for the good comments, I'm glad you liked it. I'm planning on keeping this updated with new stuff, so keep an eye out.
I know people are loving the new tattoos which is great, but what about the make up and the eyes? Are they something you would want or use? I'm only asking because I'm working on some more right now.