All New Character Customization

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by JediDave, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. why does it keep saying access s denied and 0 files were copied?
  2. I had the same problem that others have expressed. I installed TTDIS (family and Naughty) and I could get the game running fine, but if I added this mod, I got the infinite load sequence with no music. So, in review, the secret is to remove/delete whatever .asm file is in place, then run this mod? Thanks!
  3. So I'm trying too use this mod, but it's causing a crash on the game attempting to load. I can get as far as the main menu but beyond that I just crash. I moved all my mods that I use into the "Your_character_mods_here" folder but I'm not sure what to do beyond that. I suspect that there might be some mods that I shouldn't put in there but I don't know what I should/should not put in that folder. I also don't have any mods in my game directory, as all of them were placed into that character mods folder.
  4. How install thise mod? Work in lost versions?
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