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Discussion in 'Character Customisation & Clothing' started by JediDave, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. One Problem every time i use it my charter wear's stocking and i don't want it can someone tell me how to fix this problem because i really like the tattoos but i don't want stockings on my charter
  2. How do you use this mod with "Things to do in Steelport"?
  3. can i uninstall the mod and if i can how?
  4. Just remove the same files from your SRTT folder that you dropped when you first installed it.
  5. How can i download the v1.4?
  6. Can anyone explain what the BW version of the tats are? I can't seem to find anything in the FAQ.
  7. AWESOME!! Thank you! I'm new to the Saints Row series and luvin it. Thanks to all that create these mods!
  8. How do we get the hair the girl & guy in red are wearing in the opening post? I don't think I've ever seen it in-game. Is it a mod? If it's not from a mod is it from a DLC? What's it called? I should have all the DLC...
  9. I'm attempting to use this with Things to do in Steelport, and it just doesn't work.

    1.) I install TTDIS first, No shiny clothing TTDIS second, and than TTDIS Naughty Edition.
    2.) I downloaded v1.5 of this mod, selected option 4, and ran it. No issues.

    Load up the game, go to the tattoo parlor, and all tattoos are invisible. So I look back at the comments here and attempt to troubleshoot.

    Scenario 1) I move over all the files from the naughty edition folder into the "your character mods here folder" EXCEPT for the customize_player.asm_pc file. Run the BAT file, as per recommendations on this thread, as well as in the FAQ. No Tattoos are present in game, as they are all invisible and very irregularly named.

    Scenario 2) I delete the customize_player.asm_pc file from the root folder after scenario 1, as this mod is supposed to create one, and my game gets stuck in an infinite loading screen when attempting to boot into the game.

    If I remove TTDIS and it's additions, this mod will work fine, so clearly the issue is with the customize_player.asm_pc file messing with me. Any recommendations?
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  10. I live in AUSTRIA too!
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