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Discussion in 'Other mods' started by yorpie, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Absolutely. Any kind of mod progress update I would consider important and okay to post status updates for in a row.
  2. Hey guys, I need your opinions because I'm having difficulty choosing myself.

    Which pistol should the police use:
    - KA1 Kobra
    - 45 Sheperd

    Right now I have gave the police the KA1 Kobra again because it looks like a glock pistol with atached flashlight. Both weapons have their own charmes.

    I would probably give them the Kobras again.
  3. M240Boy

    M240Boy Pirate

    I prefer to KA1 Kobra, Because it's range of fire is further than 45 Shephard. And, KA1 Kobra's Reload time is faster than 45 Shephard's. That was my opinions
  4. I'll look into it, but thats a whole shitload of mods you have there :O I use no other ones at the moment, but I do think there still are some traces of left of mods I had installed a long time ago in my release so I'll look into that as well.

    Compability patch I will try to make, but first optimizing my own mod is most important. But don't worry, I'll release v1.1 in the next few days and then look why my mod isn't compatible with some others. You can always make a folder with all your mods and put them in there so you can try my mod out. I can imagine the game being stuck at the loading, seen that a bit to much XD
  5. Yes I also had some trouble with the weapons skins from Joe in the past. I hope you will like my changes to the notoriety. And when done, feel free to give feedback about what you like, didn't like as well as any bugs you found caused by my mod. New ideas are also always welcome. Just keep in mind this mod should only be played after having finished the story. I will try to make it story compatible one day, but first I will make the mod itself as good as possible. First patch will be released shortly, which will add randomization to the police spawn types and times.
  6. Yes, well I'm not sure if it does crash during the story and when it does but I higly recommend you using it after beating the game. (Or when you just want to free roam; Activities should be no problem.)

    Like I said, when the mod is finished I will look what I can do to make it story compatible.
  7. The first patch has been released, you can read the changes in edit of the first post or the mod its readme.

    Tell me what you think about it.
  8. M240Boy

    M240Boy Pirate

    The official patch has been released. Now, you will make the mod that i request, right?
  9. Next version is here (already) you can read the details in the readme or on my first post.

    In a future version, I will defenitly add an upgrade for the grenade launcher to make it shoot grenades again instead of flashbangs like the level 1. Just a reminder for those who are wondering.

    Any bugs, ideas, likes and dislikes are welcome.
  10. Anyone who already downloaded V1.2 should download again. I reduced shotgun damage because I found it to be to overpowered. And black SWAT cars can now have up to 4 SWAT officers in them instead of 2.
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