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  1. Hello and welcome to my mod

    The Advanced Notoriety Mod is a mod which will edit the notoriety with the goal of making the enemies much harder, much more randomised and more varied.

    The mod will change notoriety spawns, roadblock layouts, character settings, weapons for both police and STAG as well as all the gangs.

    Well, they say a picture says thousand words so here are some (Keep in mind that they could be outdated by now):

    0 Shields

    A police helicopter flying over the city. You will see this every now and then.

    View attachment 2079

    Me standing near two police motorcycles who seem to have stopped the sports car. I did edit the pulled over cars you would sometimes see at the side of the road. You will no longer see two police cars behind a car but only one, like it is supposed to be.

    View attachment 2080

    1 Shield

    A police officer at 1 shield trying to catch me in a foot pursuit. They will not shoot yet, you need to have 2 shields.

    View attachment 2081

    More non lethal force. I'm in a fist fight with the cop. Another cop has been knocked out and in the background you can see a copper ready to tase me.

    View attachment 2082

    What happens when you don't respect the law enforcers ;) a just tased me with another one ready to knock me out at the bottom left of the screenshot.

    View attachment 2083

    2 Shields

    At 2 shields, the cops set up roadblocks like this one. At the right lane a police car blocking the road with two officer behind it and at the left lane spike strips.

    View attachment 2084

    Not all roadblocks have spike strips, like this one. Two police cars blocking the entire road with four officer behind them.

    View attachment 2085

    At 2 shields, more cops show up and they will use their Sheperd pistols to take you out. On the picture: me firing at two squad cars with a few officers ready to fire.

    View attachment 2086

    As you can see on the picture, at 2 shields, the police opressor helicopter will be send. At each side their is a gunner with a helmet who fires at you with a Kobra pistol and the driver also wears a helmet. When you are in an aircraft yourself you can have two of these chasing you at the same time.

    View attachment 2087

    3 Shields

    At three shields SWAT joins the hunt. On the picture you can see a SWAT Lockdown van with a driver, passenger and two riot shield officers hanging at the side, chasing me while I am on a motorcycle.

    View attachment 2091

    The SWAT will use the Eagle helicopter to chase you and drop troops at the notoriety level of 3. In this case, while I'm in my Black Cyprus VTOL, they come with 2 because I'm airborne myself.

    View attachment 2088

    Cops and SWAT trying to kill me (I had invincibilty turned on ;p). You can see a motorcycle cop and a few regular cops near their squad cars shooting at me as well as a riot shield member. In the background you can see a roadblock of two SWAT vans with a third van that has stopped between them and an SWAT Eagle dropping of more troops behind that. Swat the hell!

    View attachment 2089

    SWAT will use flashbangs for those with the Explosive Combat Pack DLC.

    View attachment 2090

    4 Shields

    The SWAT Tornado shows up at 4 shields. Its a real pain in the ass with its minigun and rockets.

    View attachment 2093

    At 4 shields the cops will send every unit after you. You will constantly be chased by multiple cop cars like on the picture. The SWAT Tornado also follows and fires at you during a pursuit.

    View attachment 2094

    SWAT shows up on jetski's and police commanders when you try to get away in the water.

    View attachment 2096

    The Black Unmarked Peacemaker police car now is used by the SWAT and only when the player has notoriety 4. It carrys 4 SWAT officers, just like on the right side of the picture.

    View attachment 2092

    The navy blue marked SWAT Bear APC now is also send after the player. It will fire its gun at you and when near, four SWAT members jump out of the back.

    View attachment 2097

    A typical notoriety 4 roadblock. It has pieces of concrete, snipers and gunmen with AR55s and a SWAT Bear which will fire its gun at you. On the picture there are also two black unmarked squad cars and two SWAT Lockdowns standing next to the two Bears.

    View attachment 2095

    5 Shields

    Lots of military, as suspected, with Bulldogs, Bears, Challengers, Armed Eagles, Tornado's, Vultures and Commanders.

    View attachment 2102

    Another picture which shows the SNG forces.

    View attachment 2101

    Military roadblocks also are being reinforced by concrete pieces of wall, Bears and Challenger Tanks. There are also a bunch of soldiers standing at each roadblock. On the pick you can see a roadblock with 4 Bears (2 are destroyed) and 2 challengers. There is also a soldier with an RPG in front of the tanks.
    View attachment 2100

    The military deploys Armed Eagels instead of the original normal SNG Eagles and also the SNG tornado helicopter as well as SNG Commanders Ships. Three vehicles which in the vanilla were unused by the military except for certain missions.

    View attachment 2098

    Expect more helicopters while being in the air. Instead of the original two it can go up to four helicopters. In the picture the SNG has deployed 2 SNG Tornado's and 2 SNG Vultures.

    View attachment 2099

    And here is a video.

    Here is the wip page

    To install, simplty drag an drop all files into your saints row the third root.


    I'm busy making the next version, sorry for it taking so much time but I'm really trying to make the best out of it.

    The next version includes:
    - Renewed traffic spawn types/amounts for each neighbourhood.
    - Harder combat.
    - 3 new gangs to replace the 3 existing ones.
    - Tweaked store prices and hourly income.
    - An entirely changed notoriety level system + spawns.
    - Vehicle thefts, assassinations and survival missions have gotten some changes.
    - New police vehicle variants and a black cop uniform for the cops.
    - Edited vehicle handling.
    - 2 new cheats and one edited cheat (ghost town, law enforcement nightmare and zombie cheat)
    - Edited weapon stats and weapon/ammo prices.
    - Changed roadblock layouts.

    More things might get changed in the future, like the weather types.

    I highly recommend playing my mod with these mods installed:

    Hevon's HD Textures Pack (replaces a lot of the vanilla textures with better looking HQ ones):

    SweetFX (Improves the graphics of the game):

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  2. spawn_info_ranks.xtbl ... I can't download this, I dunno why
  3. Because I deleted it and uploaded it again XD Try again, I fixed a small bug in it.
  4. and one more thing, I have in the game folder new enemy mod with new gangs.. and there are the same files as these.. is there any way to have both mods?
  5. Well there is, look around for it, I forgot how to do it. Btw, I will upload a new file which I forgot 'Tweak_tables.xtbl', download this as well please.
  6. this is cool man, awesome notoriety, I have to fix somehow to have those gangs and this notoriety there at once
  7. There is a program which lets you compare both files and let the program edit them so you have one file with both mods. I believe it was with 'gibbed tools' if I remember correct.

    About the notoriety mod, glad you like it, be sure to also to get in a boat and a helicopter because that also has some other things. Like when you're on a bike, the amount of police bikes is highered.

    And do you find it harder then before? I made the cops do 3x the original damage and the SWAT 4x if I remember correct. SNG 5 times.
  8. of course it's harder a lot, also spectacular.. really like it :D now I'm gonna try to get that program
  9. Pretty cool, although I don't like the grenade launcher being changed to flashbangs only. I guess it's the best way to give it to enemies though, it doesn't appear as if there is any way to have NPCs use grenades properly. (When you get "flashbanged" in missions, it's a scripted event)
  10. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    You're thinking of Winmerge.
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