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Discussion in 'Other mods' started by yorpie, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Fan of Saints

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    WOW! Quadruple post! ;)
  2. Yeah, I removed one of the posts since because of a mistake it posted 2 times. The rest are just replies to other people ;) Looks like you stopped my posting spree. XD
  3. M240Boy

    M240Boy Pirate

    Please tell me when the mod that's I request is complete, okay?
  4. Okay guys, I'll release v1.1 soon, it really should make fights more interesting.
    The biggest point of this patch will be to add much more randomization as well as making fights even a bit more harder and also make the law enforcement use all their vehicles.

    Now the police and SNG will also be using these:
    - Black SWAT APC (Bear) (In the first release it also is there but only in the big Notoriety 4 roadblocks)
    - Unarmed SNG Humvee (Bulldog) (Only appeared in the military base in first release, now will also spawn everywhere at notoriety 5, though far from as much as the armed variant one.
    - Unarmed SNG Dropship (Eagle) (In the first release the SNG only uses the armed variant, the unarmed one only at notoriety 4 in the National Guard base. Now it will appear as well at notoriety 5 no matter where you are.)
    - SNG APC (Bear) (In the first release it was only used in roadblocks and the military base, now it will also appear when having a 5 shield notoriety rating outside of the base, but will not be seen a lot.)

    Further changes:
    - Though a very very low number, there still is a small change that at notoriety 2 and 3 a police officer who gets out of his squad car will use a stun gun. This might sound stupid, but being stunned while being shot at by multiple cops really makes it much easier for them to kill you.
    - A lot more randomization. In both spawn times and vehicle spawns. For example: Original police cars at notoriety 2 would spawn between 25 and 35 seconds, now at notoriety 2 it will spawn between 1 and 60 seconds. (This might get a small adjustement in the minimum time though at the patch release).
    - Vehicle spawns: Different police vehicles will now appear more randomly. For Example: Sometimes at notoriety 2 there will be a police helicopter, sometimes not. Sometimes at notoriety 3 you will have two SWAT helicopters and multiple SWAT teams chasing you while at other times you might have two police helicopters and only regular cops pursueing you.
    - STAG has been improved. They will now use their STAG boats like they should and further changes at spawn times and enemy spawns also have been made. There are now also STAG commando's with riot shields.

    P.S.: I'm pretty sure there is an unarmed variant of the STAG N-Forcer, might include that one at the lower STAG notoriety levels. (Police no more spawn when having a notoriety level when STAG is active, unlike the original where police would show up untill at notoriety 4)
  5. M240Boy

    M240Boy Pirate

    And don't forget to make the mod thats i request, okay?.
  6. Yes, but the official release is more important. You are requesting something and requests I don't have to make. But don't worry, I'll make your mod, you jsut have some fun with the notoriety I gave you before ;)

    PS: So the law enforcement should have brutes (all of them or only like the minigun one) and the SNG should use rifles, shotguns, pistols, SMGs,...
  7. M240Boy

    M240Boy Pirate

    Thanks man, you are so great. I'm so happy to play Saints Row The Third with your Mod (especially the mod thats i request). I will be waiting for that :)
  8. I will make yours once I have released the patch, but I higly suggest you to try out the patch as well once I release it. The amount of cops seem to have increased and also a lot more randomised (trust me, randomisation defenitly makes fighting the cops a lot more fun, since you don't know what they send, from where it will come, when it will show up and how many of it there will be).

    Some new vehicles like the black Tornado helicopter, black SWAT Bear, unarmed SNG Bulldog, SNG Bear, SNG Unarmed Eagle as well as STAG Boats and Unarmed STAG N-Forces have been included in this patch.
  9. M240Boy

    M240Boy Pirate

    Okay, I will download the official patch and i will waiting for the mod thats i request. Thanks
  10. Miku Hatsune

    Miku Hatsune Modding patch tester

    If you're the author of a mod release/WIP it's no problem to post more times in a row. It's rather handy about things you've found out during the progress and such.
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