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Discussion in 'Other mods' started by yorpie, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. It's great for me to play a new game with this mod.:)
  2. Your mod is amazing, you made a very good job here. Thank you. :)

    I have some suggestions:
    - Can you let police officers(or SWAT)spawn inside a black and white Miami during a notoriety level placed beetween the police jetski one and police Commander one? In my opinion it's not logic that a big armed Commander joins the fight just after jetskis.
    - Can you make STAG units use the Specter? Not as a helicopter, but as a motorbike(if it's possible).
    - Instead of SWAT officers, can you let security guards spawn inside black police cars? Since the first time i watched those I thought that a sort of secret agency must be in game(like CIA or something similar). Security guards are the only NPCs that wear a suit and use guns so they would fit perfectly in there(to make that, the game needs to recognize security guards as police men and I don't know if it's possible).

    Thank you again for your mod and I'm sorry for bad english. I hope you understand. ;)

  3. I have no idea why you say your English is bad. I have read your entire quote and was surprised to see the last sentence, its very understandable and much better then some others on these forums.
    And thank you for your positive comment about my mod, I appreciate it when people enjoy my my hard work.

    Your suggestions:
    1. I'll take a look at it, but I don't think there is a variant for a black and white Miami yet. If there is, I'll make a notoriety mod especially for you with that enabled. If there isn't, you will have to wait on that, there is an SDK coming which will allow us to create our own variants of vehicles (like a black and white Miami boat). I will make it spawn at 3 police shields.
    2. I already tried this myself :p The STAG Spectre is seen as a flying vehicle, not a motorcycle in the game. I made it spawn and it did, i saw a stag soldier flying the spectre, only problem was he didn't attack, but simply flew away. I'll look into it again, but not sure if the AI is going to be able to actually use it the way you want it to. I can make it spawn in roadblocks and make some hover above the city while on patrol though.
    3. I also did that as well myself :p It looked really cool, two guys in black suits in a black car, with the .45 Sheperd pistol. (Security guards are not the only NPCs with suits btw) And I can give any NPC any weapon they want FYI. Making them recognise as police men is also really easy, I can even make the gimps and strippers as cops :p. At what level do you suggest them showing up? I was thinking about level 3 and maybe still at level 4. Or already a small change at level 2? Its your call.

    P.S. Revolution is the path to freedom! New Conglomerate!
    Nice to see I'm not the only one who plays Planetside 2 here :p
  4. Thank you for your compliments about my English. :D

    1) In vanilla game there is a black and white Miami variant. Probably I'll wait the SDK to add police decals.
    2) Sorry if I came with the idea of a Specter motorbike. That went in my mind because the description in my language of the Specter is "moto STAG" which means "STAG motorbike". So I thought that it was intended to be a motorbike without wheels.
    3) I'd suggest level 3 and 4. Also I forgot to mention that would be awesome to let those suit-men drive and shoot from the unmarked Oppressor, the black Tornado, black Miami and black jetski(probably the SDK is needed). In this way SWAT officers will only use SWAT vehicles(at 3 shields suit-men could use black police cars, unmarked Oppressors and black jetskis, but at 4 shields Oppressors and jetskis would leave the pursuit and black Tornados and Miamis would take their place).

  5. 1. I can check out the black and white Miami variant and add it in. At level 2 police jetski's, at level 3 the miami's show up and at level 4 the swat commanders come.
    2. No problem, I honestly also wasn't sure of how the AI would handle the Spectre. Since it has a bit the same flying mechanics as the V-TOL the game also counts it as a flying vehicle.
    3. Thats a good idea. The men in black use the unmarked black cops cars, unmarked black opressor, unmarked black tornado and the unmarked black bear APC. There is no black jetski without the SDK, the Miami I'm not sure about.
  6. Another cool mod by YORPIE
    also, what gunfire sound mods do you use on the Bank van robbery video?
  7. Oh that? I replaced the 45. Sheperd pistol sound with the one from the bling shotgun. The effect is cool as you can see :)

    EDIT: Btw, the Saints Row 2 roots mod is the successor of this mod. Since that mod changes more then just the notoriety I decided to create a new thread for it. The mod name might change though, I'll see.
  8. Ow Right! also i noticed the similarities with the mods :p
  9. nice mod but error in friendly fire
  10. Warning to all!

    I'm not sure why, but this mod seems to cause the floor in "When good heists go bad" (aka; the first mission) to not spawn, rendering the game unplayable.
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