(MIRROR) Saints Row 2 Powertools and Resolution Editor

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  1. Saints Row 2 Powertools
    Download (rev5): SR2_Powertools_rev5.zip
    Download (logging): powertools_rev5_logging.rar
    Download (Stopwatch Test): Powertools_Speedup_Stopwatch_Test_v1.2.rar

    Saints Row 2 Resolution Editor
    Download (Resolution Editor): gibbedsaintsrow2resolution.zip

    800x600 Windowed settings.dat
    Download: SR2_settings.dat_windowed.rar

    Should be placed on %LOCALAPPDATA%\THQ\Saints Row 2\

    NOTE: These tools are not my creations. Powertools was made by Rafael Rivera, Mike Watson aka IdolNinja, and Thomas Jepp aka Minimaul. Resolution Editor was made by Gibbed.

    The "Saints Row 2 Powertools", which allowed you to adjust game speed, show player's coordinates, and display debug_print logs, was originally hosted at saintsrowpowertools.com and idolninja.saintsrowmods.com, but the former's domain has recently expired and the latter has its HTTPS certificate expired, so I decided to reupload them here.

    The "rev5" is the normal version, and the "logging" is the special version which outputs debug_print output to "sr2.log" file.

    The "Stopwatch Test" is a mod that helps you determine the correct game speed "percentage" value by using a special save file and a modified racing diversion.

    It is important to note that there is an alternative method to prevent the speedup bug by using "bcdedit /set useplatformclock true" in the Administrator Command Prompt, but Powertools (especially the logging version) is still useful for modders.

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