Question about Saints Row 1 3D Models extraction.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Midnight Hunter, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Hey. I have long been looking for a way to extract 3D car models from Saints Row 1. And today on GTAInside I saw a mod for GTA VC with a car conversion from SR1. So now it’s possible. Please tell me how to extract a 3D models of cars from SR1. What tools are needed and how to do it? Please help and thanks in advance.:D
  2. I think those cars are just recreations. They don't look like Saints Row 1 Cars at all..
  3. Admixon

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    Most of the cars you can rip from SR2
  4. So, there no possibilities and tools for extracting 3D models of cars from Saints Row 1 yet?
  5. BeautiDuwanger

    BeautiDuwanger Snow White

    We dont even have one for the newer games... and considering SR1 doesnt have a pc version
  6. I use Model Resercher for extract this models. its not recreations. Its original Saints Row 1 models
    Green - Tristrips
    Red - Verticles
    Yellow - UV Chanal 1
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  7. Try it yourself if you do not believe. Nothing complicated there. But it is very long and tedious.
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  8. Thanks for answer! I knew it's possible. But this method... Looks a bit complicated. But will I try it.

    But how about Sir Kane's Mesh Importer for SR 3 & 4? Its plugin for import models to 3DS Max. Its give a lot possibilities for that.
  9. I didn't think there were any tools available that could read CTG engine files, especially xbox format ones. That's wild.
  10. With this tool you can extract any models from games with a simple model writing system. Models like in SR3 extract with this tool too hard or unreal
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