1. PinkGuy

    Saints Row 2 Lore Accurate Graphics | Cinematic | MOD

    Based on BandiG's Saints Row 1.5 Lighting Mod , Only Need to install The GOTR File From Saints Row 1.5 Lighting MOD . This Reshade is Friendly on AMD Cards , I Have Removed Radient Global Illumination ( this effect cause bricking on the AMD GFX cards ) so Dont Worry about it . Game Settings...
  2. SkatefilterX-5

    Taxi script, I need help! This script isn't functioning even no sound played from start

    I try to get started with taxi mini game. Which I use as in m14 aka Live with Killbane. I grab decker groups and use them as passengers in lua and I keep checking over and over and I can't even find any errors not even notepad++ detects any errors i make. So it hard to find any mistakes without...
  3. Admixon

    Morningstar - Liilian

    Description The third Morningstar outfit ported from SRTTR You can find it in any clothing store Available for male and female Customizable colors Screenshots Installation Guide (make sure your game is closed before downloading the mod) Steam 1. Go to...
  4. T

    Since SR3 was Remastered so will SR4?

    I don't think I need to mention anything else besides the title, but yes, I'm curious. Also included poll for users.
  5. erfani

    nyte blayde suit

    hi everyone. Can anyone please add nyte blayde suit to the game for boss?
  6. nclok1405

    [Classic/Remastered] Mission Replay Mini v0.4

    Mission Replay Mini v0.4 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: @Rainzeros confirmed it is working on Remastered! Note you must install Loose Lua Patch first. === Description === This mod enables you to replay completed missions by using the trigger near the pool of...
  7. Singa

    Use Fine Aim With Sniper Rifle & Togo-13

    This mod allows you to fine aim with the McManus 2015 Sniper Rifle and the Togo-13. You can fine aim like with most other weapons by right clicking and then use the scroll wheel to enter scoped mode. I also added 2 more zoom stages to the Sniper Rifle to make using the scope on mid-range better...
  8. Singa

    Permanently Keep Temporary Weapons

    This mod changes the temporary pick-up weapons (Minigun, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher and Shock Hammer) into regular weapons that you can keep and access in your weapons cache. You will find the Minigun and Flamethrower in the SPECIAL category, the Grenade Launcher in the EXPLOSIVES category...
  9. nclok1405

    [Classic/Remastered/SRIV] Dock and Hanger Crib Triggers v0.3

    Dock and Hanger Crib Triggers v0.3 Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: This mod is compatible with both 2011 Classic and 2020 Remastered! Note you must install Loose Lua Patch first for the remaster. (Thanks @Rainzeros for confirming the remaster compatibility!) ===...
  10. I

    Save Request

    Is anyone willing to provide a save that is past the intro? It would be very much appreciated.
  11. SkatefilterX-5

    Super Kick on Cars

    I'm been messing around all these years kicking cars. This only works for Luchadores team as specialist, so you may nolonger team with your saints however story homies won't turn against you , you cant drive with other people or do hostage diversion or you'll automatically get out the vehicle...
  12. Admixon

    SR:TTR | Share your cool/funny screenshots

    Share cool and funny pics form Saints Row: The Third Remastered here. Please also read it:
  13. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    3-in-1 SR1,2&3 Remake

    I already know this will never happen. Please don't refer me to SDKs not being available or not having the engine, software or files from the original Saint Row game. This is something I've been working on since my first playthrough of Saints Row 2, so I feel I need to put it out there. As a...
  14. Admixon

    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming... I hope

    Volition confirmed they found source code of SR2 and will fix the game! All the new info from the stream: - Steam release of the game is getting a fix - This will incude bug fixes, multiplayer fix (will now use Steam instead of Gamespy) and DLCs - All stuff included will be for free - It...
  15. Fan of Saints

    IdolNinja's Customize any vehicle plus wardrobe color changer (Fan of Saints' Edition)

    --> DESCRIPTION <-- This bundle contains three IdolNinja's classics - Delete Reward Vehicles, Lowered Cruise Control HUD and Wardrobe Color Change Mod - updated to work properly with the latest version of the game. --> HOW TO INSTALL? <-- Copy all files (except 'Readme.txt') from the archive...