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This mod changes the temporary pick-up weapons (Minigun, Flamethrower, Grenade Launcher and Shock Hammer) into regular weapons that you can keep and access in your weapons cache.
You will find the Minigun and Flamethrower in the SPECIAL category, the Grenade Launcher in the EXPLOSIVES category and the Shock Hammer under MELEE.

29.05.2020 - Added a version of the mod that is compatible with F13's Super Ethical Patch


One thing about the Shock Hammer, it will say it has infinite charges when you first equip it. After 10 attacks you will drop the hammer as if it is used up, but you can pick it back up again by simply walking over it, after that it will have infinite charges.

Currently you can't buy ammo for them, I tried many different things to make ammo purchasable for these weapons, and used Snipe's Unlocked Temporary Weapons Permanently Mod as a reference but it just wouldn't work. I gave them unlimited ammo for the time being, might revisit and try again in the future.


If you want to use it standalone, download "Permanently Keep Temporary Weapons.rar".
If you're using F13's Super Ethical Patch, download "Super Ethical Patch - Permanently Keep Temporary Weapons.rar".

To install it, copy weapons.xtbl into "Program Files" > "Epic Games" > "SaintsRowTheThird"

To uninstall it, make sure you don't have any of these 4 weapons equipped, if you do, equip a different vanilla weapon in that slot and save the game. If you don't do this, gamepad controlls will break, thanks to F13 for letting me know about this.
Once you have done that, remove weapons.xtbl from "Program Files" > "Epic Games" > "SaintsRowTheThird"


LucasRitter for his Saints Row: The Third - Remastered VPP viewer used to extract the file.

F13 for merging this mod with his Super Ethical Patch to make a compatible version and letting me know about the gamepad bug when uninstalling.


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  • Super Ethical Patch - Permanently Keep Temporary Weapons.rar
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F13 let me know that uninstalling the mod while having one of the weapons equipped will break your gamepad controlls, to avoid this, simply unequip any weapon from the mod and save before you uninstall if you're playing with a controller.
I had this mod in the original game so it's nice to see it available for the remaster. It is a bit OP right now having infinite ammo but it's a decent workaround. I mainly have it to always have a mini-gun available for Oleg.
It's possible to also add the DLC ones? Laser Pistol, Auto Laser, Laser Canon, Swarmitron and "Fireball".

The purpose of this mod is to make the temporary pick-up weapons during open world gameplay permanent fixtures in your inventory.

The Laser Pistol, Auto Laser, Laser Cannon, Swarmitron, and Fireball are not pick-up weapons found in the open-world which can be swapped to. There is a save editor which can add these. However, the 'Gangstas In Space' laser weapons will be invisible since they were never intended to be used outside of the DLC.
I have the Steam version, and thus no "Epic Games" folder. Just install where the exe file is? (steam, steam apps, common, data, I believe)