Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 Mega Patch is coming... I hope


Volition confirmed they found source code of SR2 and will fix the game!

All the new info from the stream:
- Steam release of the game is getting a fix
- This will incude bug fixes, multiplayer fix (will now use Steam instead of Gamespy) and DLCs
- All stuff included will be for free
- It will improve draw distance and audio quality
- The update still doesn’t have a confirmed release date. Possibilty of an Open Beta
- It’s being worked on by a single person, Minimaul as a contractor for Volition
- No confirms of any remasters, considering Deep Silver would have to outsource it for it to happen
- New save file format, it isn't suppose to affect current one
- The new version will be a separate game on Steam so the old version remains untouched
- Better game performance, especially on lower end machines, and no more speed-up bug or stuttering cutscenes
- IdolNinja is remaking the Gentlemen of the Row mod for the new version


Our heroes
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We are extremely lucky to have two such dedicated and qualified people working on this. Thank you Mike Watson (IdolNinja) and Thomas Jepp (Minimaul) for never giving up and for giving this game the care and attention it so richly deserves! I am so happy about this! :)

I actually never installed Saints Row 2 on the PC because I heard there were so many problems (even though I purchased it). But I have the Xbox 360 version and have played it for many hours (both single player and co-op campaign over LAN). Now I will finally install it on PC so I can use all these great mods. I am really looking forward to that!

And it was cool to find out that Minimaul really does look EXACTLY like Hugh Laurie! :p
This is good news to hear! I am finally happy and I hope they fix the "hidden moon" in the game, among other fixes too. Thank you Our Heros at Volition!
Stellar news !
Saints Row 2 worked fine for me once i left my old Pentium 4 PC.
It played perfectly on my Intel G4560 PC ,no more strange behaviour.
I'm upgrading in the next few weeks ,either Ryzen 7 or Intel i7/i9 ,so this is great timing.
Though SR1 still hasn't made it to PC ,probably never will now.
Would have been real nice to have them all in one place.
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I will soon be able to play Saints Row 2 as it meant to be played. Thanks for all people involved with this project!

As a person who never played SR2 outside of PC, this update means:

+ 4 entirely new missions!
+ Cutscenes and voices added to the 2 postgame missions! (Traffic Control and Corporate Meltdown)
+ Lots of new vehicles, including Temptress and Relic from the sequels!
+ Lots of new hairstyles!
+ Lots of new clothing items!
+ 1 new homie: Tera!
+ Co-op no longer requires VPN!
+ Online versus modes resurrected!

As a modder, I want the following enhancements to the game. I hope this request isn't too late because I heard that the update doesn't have an ETA yet.

* Ability to load modded files directly from the disk, as in SRTT and SRIV.
* Enable string, io, and file modules in Lua. This will enable us to save and load custom settings. (i.e. SuperUI)
* Raise or completely eliminate the upper limit of Navpoints, Triggers, etc, in cts files. With the default *.cts files of GotR 1.9.2, there are only 30 free slots of Navpoints remaining.
* Backport get_object_pos from SRTT and SRIV.
The new SR2 will not be compatible with Saints Row Powertools, and without any replacements we will not be able to get the player's coordinates.
* Backport teleport_to_object from SRTT, including the heading_offset param. This will eliminate the need to add new navpoints for custom warps.
* Add a way to get the orientation of an object (i.e. Which way the player is facing). Currently setting correct facing is 100% trial and error.
* Add a way to inspect a Mover's UID. I want to know the ID of the door of Sea Roses pub, for use with custom missions.
* Add a way to share global variables between Gameplay and UI Lua contexts. This will allow Sandbox++ or any other mods to be controlled from Pause Menu. My proposal is:
** set_shared_variable(variable_name, value): Create or modify a variable shared between contexts
** get_shared_variable(variable_name): Get the shared variable

If anyone at Volition is reading my post, thanks, and please consider my suggestions. These will greatly help the longevity of your awesome game.

Thank you!
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