3-in-1 SR1,2&3 Remake

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    I already know this will never happen. Please don't refer me to SDKs not being available or not having the engine, software or files from the original Saint Row game. This is something I've been working on since my first playthrough of Saints Row 2, so I feel I need to put it out there.

    As a long-time Saints Row fan, I have spent many days & nights on my computer typing up fan-made transcripts for alternate versions of Saints Row games.

    Such as an alternate to SRIV where we find out what happened after STAG Film.

    Or Saints Row The Third Point Five, where we see another city called Stonefalls, where the Saints run into some familiar characters that tried to get away from them and rebuild their empire (meaning Dex of course).

    But most of my scripts seem to end up being practically identical to each other. In that they all maintain a lot of the same features, characters, and even mission structures.

    So I reached the conclusion that there's only one thing I'm after.

    A 3-in-1 Remake Edition of the 1st 3 games, that includes:
    • An option to save Lin's life
    • An option to save Carlos's life
    • An option to not kill Julius
    • An option to save Gat's life
    • Main Menu option to select which city to load (After completing all 3 campaigns):
      • SR Stilwater
      • SR2 Stilwater
      • Steelport
    • An organised Homies list, with optional outfits for certain Homies. (All Homies can be called in all 3 Cities) As follows:
      • Customizable Homies
        • Aisha
          • 3rd Street Celebrity
          • 3rd Street D.L.
          • 3rd Street Zombie
        • Troy Bradshaw
          • 3rd Street Saints
          • Chief Of Police
        • Johnny Gat
          • 3rd Street Classic
          • Trial/Funeral Suit
          • 3rd Street Resurrected
          • 3rd Street Celebrity
          • 3rd Street Zombie
        • Lin
          • 3rd Street Saints
          • Westside Rollerz
          • Westside Zombie
          • 3rd Street Zombie
        • Donnie
          • Westside Rollerz
          • Brotherhood
          • Steelport Mechanic (Cut Outfit)
          • 3rd Street Saints (ETD)
        • Carlos Mendoza
          • Stilwater Penitentiary
          • 3rd Street Saints
          • 3rd Street Beaten
          • 3rd Street Zombie
        • Pierce Washington
          • 3rd Street Saints
          • 3rd Street Celebrity
          • 3rd Street Aisha
          • Mayor Washington
        • Shaundi
          • 3rd Street Saints
          • 3rd Street Gym
          • Video Repair
          • 3rd Street Celebrity
        • Josh Birk
          • Celebrity
          • Nyte Blayde
      • 3rd Street Saints
        • Julius Little
        • Dexter "Dex" Jackson (If you call him up, then kill him you unlock the Achievement/Trophy: "Keep Your Friends Close")
        • Wheel Woman
        • Tobias
        • Laura
      • Steelport Saints
        • Oleg Kirrlov
        • Kinzie Kensington
        • Zimos
        • Angel De LaMuerte
        • Viola DeWynter
      • Former Enemies
        • Luz Avalos
        • Benjamin King
        • Matt Miller
      • Stilwater Allies
        • Jane Valderamma
        • Legal Lee
        • Samantha
        • Will
        • Mr. Wong
        • Wong's Translator
        • Chicken Ned
      • Steelport Allies
        • Tammy Tolliver
        • Sexy Kitten
        • Sad Panda
        • Angry Tiger
        • Burt Reynolds
        • Zach
        • Bobby
      • The Others
        • Monica Hughes
        • Tera Patrick
        • Johnny Tag
        • Aisha Brutella
        • Space Brutina
        • Kwilanna
    For Gat, Lin, and Carlos: If they are saved, all references to their deaths are replaced with references to their near death experiences.

    If Lin is saved in SR:
    In "Burying Evidence" Lin will help Playa kill Sharp.

    In "No Time To Mourn" (which will probably be renamed) Lin will be in hospital.

    In "Semi-Charmed Life" Lin will be recruited as a standard follower for the whole mission.

    Lin will be recruited as a standard follower for all Strongholds in SR, SR2, and SRTT (excluding "Hit The Powder Room" & "Stop All The Downloading"). If Lin is not saved, her Zombie counterpart will take her place in the Strongholds.

    If Carlos is saved in SR2
    In "Red Asphalt" Playa will shoot the chain, then help Carlos into the truck.

    Carlos will remain in hospital until "The Siege", where he will fight alongside Playa as they storm Maero's Hideout.

    Carlos will be recruited as a standard follower for all Strongholds in SR2, and SRTT (excluding "Hit The Powder Room" & "3 Count Beat Down"). If Carlos is not saved, his Zombie counterpart will take his place in the Strongholds.

    If Gat Is Saved In SRTT:

    In "I'm Free - Free Falling" Playa will rescue Gat after re-entering the plane through the window.

    Gat will remain in hospital until "Hit The Powder Room" where he will fight alongside Playa, Shaundi and Peirce as they storm Powder.

    In "The Belgian Problem" Gat will drive the Bomb into the Loading Bay, then guard it until the Saints return.

    In "Return To Steelport" Gat's memorial Reaper is replaced with a Saints Bootlegger, and Gat is in the back seat. After the chase and explosion, Gat floats up to the water's surface after the others are finished talking. Though he won't appear during the gameplay, he will be seen among the Saints during Playa's "It's our time now" speech during the cutscene.

    Gat will be recruited as a standard follower for all Strongholds in SRTT (excluding "Pimps Up, Hos Down"). If Gat is not saved, his Zombie counterpart will take his place in the Strongholds.

    This is probably a dream of mine that will never come true, but never the less, instead of typing up 75% of a script only to delete it before I upload it to a forum, I figured I'd put this out there so I could finally stop wasting my own time rewriting the same script over and over again.
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  2. spaditagamer

    spaditagamer Beginner

    Sadly, there is no way to mod SR1 here, and there are no tools that can make this mod become real (even if i wish both maps in 1), is such a good idea but sadly is impossible to do that. :(

    FREELANCER 212 Beginner

    Just a reiteration:
    This is not a MOD suggestion, if it was, I would have posted it in Mod Suggestions. This is a concept for a 3-in-1 remake of the 1st 3 Saints Row games. And that is why I posted it in Off Topic, because I know it's not gonna happen, I just wanted to put my idea out there.
  4. spaditagamer

    spaditagamer Beginner

    My bad..your idea is good tho

    FREELANCER 212 Beginner

    Totally fine. Just realised that the title actually says "Mega Mod", so technically it's my fault. But thanks for liking my idea.

    I'll fix the title.
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  6. Gabe Puratekuta

    Gabe Puratekuta Beginner

    This is a pretty cool idea. Sadly. they'd most likely need to recreate SR1 from scratch in order to make some of it possible...
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