Morningstar - Liilian


The third Morningstar outfit ported from SRTTR
  • You can find it in any clothing store
  • Available for male and female
  • Customizable colors



20200805205355_1.jpg 20200805205404_1.jpg 20200805205412_1.jpg

Installation Guide
(make sure your game is closed before downloading the mod)

1. Go to
2. Press big green button "Subscribe"
3. Wait for the mod to complete downloading
4. Launch the game

1. Download Morningstar - Liilian.vpp_pc file
2. Place Morningstar - Liilian.vpp_pc file to Saints Row 4\mods folder (if you don't have mods folder, create it)
3. Launch the game

Thanks to
BeautiDuwanger for the Customization item with physics tutorial, pics and Spanish translation
Singa for the pics and German translation


  • Morningstar - Liilian.vpp_pc
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Hm!! very cool, I liked seeing more color options on this (maybe they were there the whole time..)
what mod you got that second pic' leg animation thing? I remember a mod that dealt with new taunts & compliments, that had this animation, but I cannot find it anymore..
Is it possible to use this outfit in saints row remastered? Not a fan of the morningstar soldier outfit thats currently in the game
Hello! Would you happen to have the 3d model of the morningstar girls clothes? Maybe even the character model of them? Got a friend who knows how to import 3d models into resident evil but he just needs the 3d model itself first. Im guessing you were able to do it cause of this mod. I would love to play as these girls in resident evil. But of course may I have your permission first to do that with the extracted model you have?
I don't think I still have the models but you can extract them yourself with NinjaRipper
Yeah imma be honest, I tried but really had no idea what I was doing. Ended up getting a building and don't really know my way around blender. Would you like to help extracting it? Willing to pay for your services or perhaps you may know someone else whod be interested?