1. YoungStallion94

    Saints Row 2 Xenia Canary Install Issues: DLC Not Working

    Hello, I've been trying to get Saints Row 2 and it's DLC up and running through Flippy's vidoes and download links that he's provided in those vidoes telling you how to install them, and while I got the original Saints Row up and running along with its DLC and have it running nice and smooth, I...
  2. puss2puss

    New Discord server, check it out!

    Hell0 Saints! :cool: A few weeks ago i came back into modding and helll it feels good! And now, i just launched my Discord server! If anyone is interested to visit it, everyone is welcomed, it would give me a small boost and perhaps you may find something you like :) Happy modding, -puss2puss...
  3. HKSvsGreddy

    What unit of measurement do they use for "Range" in weapon.xtbl?

    I modding the weapon.xtbl to make it more realistic. I've already figured out that "refire delay" is in milliseconds. I'm just not sure what units they use for "range" - if its in inches, yards, meters, or whatever in-game measuring system they use for distance.
  4. S

    Most complete list of song and audio file names by number

    I don't know how exactly to word it, but when audio files are extracted (thanks rgbpanda!) they are basically just random strings of numbers and all of them are in a completely random order. So far I have only gone through audio files from "[...]/sr5/data/sr_city/audio but I will also be going...
  5. HKSvsGreddy

    For save games that uses mods which require a new save game, is it possible to add new mods without breaking the save?

    I want to add new mods like SRTT style third-person camera, textures packs, etc. However, the save game I want to add it to has ImpulseOfSword2007's SR2 Complete Combat Overhaul mod installed, which requires a new save game after install to prevent mod-related bugs. If I generate a new patch...
  6. B

    Modding support? Rip modding?

    While the developers are silent about modding, I'll ask you what you think about it? Do we wait for an official answer about mod support, or not, which of you is ready to make truly real tools for creating mods? Map editor, visual scripting, animatuon tools, and so on, I hope there are such...
  7. C

    SR:TT Camera Modding Questions

    Hello I am trying to improve a pre existing first person mod for SR3 by tweaking the lookat_offset values to enable the player to fine aim with the reticles(optics) provided on several of the in game weapon models( i.e the ak, incendiary smg, ap smg, etc.). I have been experimenting with the six...
  8. Möyh Mäyh

    chunk_pc Yo, I've been looking at these .chunk_pc files past weekend and have reverse engineered some info out of them. I have no clue on majority of the files' contents...

    Currently working on a couple weapon mods but I can't get them to work properly. Can anyone help me?

    Hey it's me, no I'm not dead, again. I'm currently trying my hands at making a couple weapon mods for Saints Row IV, for the eight hundredth time lol. So far everything seems to be going smoothly and I did make sure to follow Henry08's SRIV SDK Release B: Creating new weapon tutorial step by...
  10. Punished Uncle Sludge

    Is it possable to edit SR2 UV maps?

    I'm new to SR2 model/texture editing and I'm attempting the give the police Cruiser an LAPD style re-texture. But most vehicle textures are flipped and mirrored on each side, making it impossible to actually give them authentic LAPD liveries. I understand this game is held together with phlegm...
  11. Admixon

    Editing, Saving and Packing Textures

    Heyoo. This is my first guide/tutorial here so I'm sorry for any mistakes but I hope you'll understand it :oops: With this tutorial you will be able to change almost every texture in the game like: city, makeup, clothing, skin,... textures Let's begin! Required Tools - Minimaul's Saints Row 2...
  12. MegaFreeman

    How To Add New Simple Re-textured Clothing (beginners guide)

    Hello everyone, my name is MegaFreeman and today I will be teaching you how to retexture clothing in Saints Row IV and then add it as brand new items to the game. This one is based on Flippy's own video tutorial, but updated to support Workshop Patch. Keep in mind this is made for simple...
  13. Midnight Hunter

    Question about Saints Row 1 3D Models extraction.

    Hey. I have long been looking for a way to extract 3D car models from Saints Row 1. And today on GTAInside I saw a mod for GTA VC with a car conversion from SR1. So now it’s possible. Please tell me how to extract a 3D models of cars from SR1. What tools are needed and how to do it? Please help...
  14. SkatefilterX-5

    Some cool with killing CID in Crib ship, Homies turn on you.

    Hey, guys! I found something new tweak Crib ship NPCs, first off I get the names from this sr3city.lua thread all the way at the bottom. SR3_CITY_CONTACTS = { { type = QOC_ASHA, npc = "Asha_01", trigger = "asha_trigger" }, { type = QOC_BEN_KING...
  15. pleasegofuk

    [RF:G] Why can't we fly the EDF Flyers in RFG?

    I know this is a Saints Row forum, but at the time of posting there is no real official red faction forum, additionally factionfiles is pretty much locked from registering due to using captcha v1, which renders it locked from creating new accounts. So down to the question at hand - Why are we...
  16. P

    Saint's Row: The Third modding questions

    Hi! I'm Danny. I'm new to this forum, and to forums in general, as well as modding this game. So, naturally, I'm looking to start small before I move on to the impossible. My first question would be involving replacing files in this game, and how that technically works. I know that other mods...
  17. P

    Tutorial request, not mod request as such.

    Didn't exactly know where to post this but, could someone make a sound modification tutorial that's a bit more clear? I've attempted to follow the tutorial N69 wrote and I did it down to a T (As far as I'm concerned, however I used audacity instead to edit my files, it being a editor I'm more...
  18. Lukong1515

    How-to Edit AOM's Texture: Captured w/ResoRep & Edit w/Paint.NET [v0.5]

    NOTE (Aug 05, 2018) - This is ONLY for replacing existing Textures aka Override, you can't add new Skins - This is ONLY to change the design (transparency (Alpha) & color (RGB)) & other Maps of Textures that are used on Agents, Vehicles, Environment, Interface/Menus & Effects - If you edit the...
  19. ELUX

    How to mod with 3D models?

    I tried following the instruction here but seemed like i had some complications. To be exact I would like to mod a pair of gloves in SR3(in case it makes any difference) Thanks in advance :rolleyes:
  20. Incognytuz

    Accidentally replaced gang icons with ultor icons

    i'm no expert at modding sr2 and it's ironic since i constantly mod sr2 to make it more satisfying, i dont know how and when i've unknowingly and stupidly changed the icons to these so does anyone know how i can fix this dumb mishap?