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    UPDATED 2018-05-27: VERSION 3.2 - Back To Syndicate Tower

    This mod makes all of those non-functioning elevators actually work during free roaming mode in Saints Row: The Third. In addition, the mod opens the parking garage door to the Syndicate Tower and allows you to use those elevators. Elevators that now work include the following:
    • Basement elevator in the Saints HQ crib
    • All elevators in Stag PR Center (parking garage, lobby, and offices)
    • Elevators in Technically Legal
    • Elevator in Abandoned Office Building
    • Elevators in Syndicate Tower (the Loren building)
    You can also "ride the train" on the two train platforms, which teleports you to the other platform. Sorry -- there's no actual train.

    This package contains two versions of the mod -- both work exactly the same:
    1. Stand Alone Version - works without any other mods installed.
    2. Sandbox+ Version - works with IdolNinja's Sandbox+ for SRTT, version 1.2.
    In the descriptions below, the "USE" button is the "E" key on the keyboard, or the "Y" button if you are using an XBox 360 controller.

    1. Enter an elevator (or walk near it).
    2. When you see the prompt, Press the USE button.

    There are actually three different Syndicate Tower buildings used at various points during the game:
    1. Original (before mission 6, "The Belgian Problem")
    2. Saints intact (after mission 6, "The Belgian Problem")
    3. Saints destroyed (after mission 6, "The Belgian Problem")
    Only the original building has an interior with elevators, and only this version has been modded to open the parking garage door.

    To restore the original building, you can use one of the following methods to swap in each of the buildings in the list above:
    1. Stand in front of the parking garage door on the West side of Syndicate Tower until you see the prompt to "OPEN DOOR", and then press the USE button.
    2. If you're using Sandbox+, you can press 5 + END.
    You may need to press the button more than once until you see the message "Syndicate Tower changed to original". The garage door on the West side of Syndicate Tower will now be open. You can enter the garage and use the left-most elevator to go to the clone lab.

    1. Walk up the stairs to one of the train platforms.
    2. Walk near the track near the center of the platform.
    3. When you see the prompt "RIDE THE TRAIN", press the USE button.


    The player who starts the game can use the elevators and the co-op player who joined will follow along if they are in the same elevator. The co-op player cannot use the elevator on their own (they will not see a prompt). If you are using this with Sandbox+, you must enable co-op mode (press 8 + PGDOWN) to enable the co-op player to follow you in an elevator.


    1. Some elevators cannot be entered, such as the Stag PR Center upper offices. In those cases you should simply walk near the elevator door until you see the prompt, and then press the USE button.
    2. This mod is disabled during missions, so it shouldn't mess up missions that use the elevators.

    Please see the included "readme.txt" file for installation instructions.

    • 1.0 [2015-04-30] Initial release as Sandbox+ add-on only
    • 1.0.1 [2015-05-02] No functional changes, but added new stand-alone version to the mod package. Sandbox+ version is unchanged.
    • 1.1 [2015-05-06] Added elevator in Abandoned Office Building.
    • 1.1.1 [2015-05-07] No functional changes. Updated the version number in the code comments to 1.1, which I forgot to do in the previous release.
    • 1.2 [2015-05-28] Fixed minor teleport positioning offset error. Minor dimensional tweak. No new functionality.
    • 1.3 [2015-06-15] Fixed homies getting stuck in wall on ground floor of abandoned office building. No new functionality.
    • 1.3.1 [2015-06-18] No functional changes, but added new Mission Replay v8 add-on version to the mod package.
    • 2.0 [2015-08-19] Added a zone file modification to open the garage door to Syndicate Tower and enabled working elevators in Syndicate Tower. Removed stand-alone and Mission Replay versions.
    • 2.0.1 [2015-08-24] Slightly enlarged teleporter area on roof of Syndicate Tower so entering the elevator works more reliably.
    • 2.1 [2015-09-14] Removed the red exclamation point from next to the Syndicate Tower garage door. Only the zone files were updated. File "sr3_city.lua" is still version 2.0.1.
    • 2.2 [2016-02-09] Added stand-alone version. Added Syndicate Tower swap function while standing in front of parking garage door.
    • 3.0 [2016-03-13] Added prompt to press the USE button when you're in an elevator. Thanks to Fan of Saints!
    • 3.1 [2017-06-06] Added ability to "ride the train" on the two train platforms (teleports to other platform).
    • 3.2 [2018-05-27] Added co-op support.
    Note: I've also ported this mod to Saints Row IV, but it has significantly fewer elevators.

    As always, I really appreciate hearing any feedback about this mod. I hope you enjoy it.

    I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for the following people:
    • IdolNinja and all the contributors to the Sandbox+ mod. Without the Sandbox+ mod, I never would have been able to figure out how to do this.
    • Fan of Saints for showing me how to use the "hud_prompt()" function to display the prompts and inspiring me to create version 3.0.
    Thank you!

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  2. [V] IdolNinja

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  3. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I can make a version that works without Sandbox+ if people would like that option. I don't think it will be difficult to do that. I'll take a look when I have a moment.

    EDIT 1:
    It was easier than I thought. Attached is a version of "sr3_city.lua" that can be used without Sandbox+. Just copy it to your "Saints Row the Third" game folder in Steam, and the elevators should work. You only need that one file. I'll add it to the "official" mod package as soon as I get a chance. You MAY have to reset the key bindings as documented in Sandbox+, but I'm not quite sure if that's necessary. I tested it, and it worked fine for me without Sandbox+. Let me know how it works for you.

    EDIT 2 (2015-05-02):
    I've removed the "sr3_city.lua" file from this post, since it is now included in the main package in post #1 above.
    Last edited: May 2, 2015
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  4. I will be so happy! So so fu** happy! Please, please do that. I'm dreamed about this mod.:):oops:
  5. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    I added it -- see my edit to post #4 above. :D
  6. Thank you so much! I go to try this now.

    Working as it should! And I don't reset keys.. Many thanks to you!
    Last edited: May 1, 2015
  7. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    Glad it's working for you! :)
    One minor oops I just noticed in the code (stand-alone version only) is if you play a mission and then go back to free-roaming mode, the elevators will no longer work until you restart the game. It was late last night when I wrote this, but I know how to fix it and the fix will be in the "official" release. Just wanted you to be aware. If you stick to free-roaming mode, you won't have any problems.
  8. Thanks for reply! I will wait your fixed version, because I really want that everything working without bugs.
    Last edited: May 2, 2015
  9. Thanks Quantum.
    I'm amazed modders are still finding new things to mod .

    It's all good for us gamers :)
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