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  1. Have three questions here, hope someone can answer, either all or at least one;

    1. How can I implement a logo that is the Saints' symbol? (Fleur de Lis)
    2. Infinite ammo for thrown and special, it is possible, but how? Can I somehow make it be obtainable when I win an activity as well?
    3. Can I extract textures? If so, how? How can I modify them? How can I re-implement them? (This is generally just "How can I make a weapon texture?")

    P.S. For 3, I have GIMP if that is of use.
  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    1. A fleur de lys logo already exists in the game files, but it has some bad jaggy problems. I've cleaned it up and included it as part of GotR if you want to download it and use it. I can't remember the entry I used, so you'll have to look at it in the store to find the position (it populates logos by row from left to right,) then find the appropriate entry in bitmap_sheetsen.xtbl included with the mod to figure out which peg file I changed.
    2. Infinite ammo for both of those (and others like flamethrower, fire extinguisher, and minigun) is also included with GotR as unlocks. You can see the modified entries in unlockables.xtbl to use.
    3. Use pegtool from minimaul. There should be a download in the tools section as part of his latest revision of gibbed's tools.

    The logos that populate the store do so in order starting with the first entry in this section of bitmap_sheetsen.xtbl

    I see that there are no instructions for pegtool in the tools thread. The gist of it is that each texture has a peg_pc file which is a small file that contains info on the texture, and an accompanying g_peg_pc file which is the texture data itself.

    To edit an existing texture:
    * Drag the g_peg_pc file onto pegtool.exe and it will extract
    * Delete the .raw file for any texture you are editing (some pegs have multiple pngs inside.) Deleting the raw will tell pegtools to actually replace that particular png on repack
    * Edit the png with your new texture
    * Edit the _desc file in notepad and change the following values for any texture you are editing:
    NOTE: Be careful, since there are a few unknown flag entries. Make sure you only change the 1a one noted above. Also, DXT compression does not work correctly with pegtool. You must use A8R8G8B8.
    * Delete the original peg_pc file and g_peg_pc file from your working folder (not necessary but I like to so I'm sure that it creates the repack correctly)
    * Repack your new peg_pc and g_peg_pc file by dragging the _desc file onto pegtool.exe
    * Pack your new modified peg_pc and g_peg_pc file into patch.vpp_pc so it overwrites the original in memory on game load.

    I loved doing new sr2 logos and added 100+ of them to GotR which you're free to use with your own stuff if you want. Feel free to stop by group chat if you ever want to discuss logo techniques or need any help. :)
  3. Okay, check this out;

    Code (Text):
    This is the original code, and this is one of GoTR;

    Code (Text):
            <DisplayName>Unlimited Rocket Launcher Ammo</DisplayName>
            <Description>Put some rockets in your pocket and blow stuff up forever</Description>
            <Event_Text>Complete 30 Barnstorms</Event_Text>
            <Pause_Menu_Label>Unlimited Rocket Ammo</Pause_Menu_Label>
    I want to make the launcher be unlockable the same as the shotgun one, you know? Both being unlockable when you finish that activity, though I'm not sure how. I tried copying the original code and simply changing "shotgun" to "launcher", nothing happened.

    By "copying original code" it is pretty much copying it, then pasting the same one, but simply changing "shotgun" to "launcher", so we got two of these entries with different weapons.

    So, here goes;

    1. What do I have to do exactly?
    2. Will it work if I put this up into "patch.vpp_pc" instead of "common.vpp_pc"?
    3. Do I have to restart the activity to get this "new" unlockable?

    Also, about PegTools; I got it, I extracted "textures.vpp_pc" with Gibbed's Tools, got "p_ak47.g_peg_pc", dropped it into "PegTool.exe", and nothing seemed to happen.
  4. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    You are correct. You change the shotgun to launcher. The piece you're missing is that unlocks will only process once. If you've already done the activity then you cannot get it at all by replaying. You have to start a new save. Or, you need to tie the unlock to something you have not done yet.

    You always want to put modded files in patch.vpp_pc. It doesn't matter what archive the files orginally came from. You never ever want to modify common.vpp_pc at all. Ever.

    You're missing the accompanying p_ak47.peg_pc file from pegs.vpp_pc. It has to be in the same folder with the g_peg_pc file when you try to extract. Also, you may have to drop the peg_pc file on to pegtool.exe instead of the g_peg_pc. My memory is a bit fuzzy on that, so try both.

    You can create a new entry in unlockables.xtbl and tie it to something else you haven't done yet. Like level 2 of some activity. Just make sure you give the new entry a unique name and make it the very last entry (before the table templates section starts.)

    Here are the names of the activity table files you can find in common.vpp_pc. Each one has 6 main entries (one for each level of the activity.) You'll notice that the 3rd and the 6th each have an unlock tied to it. You would want to reference your new unlockable entry from unlockables.xtbl the same way for level 1,2,4, or 5.

    crowd_su - Crowd Control Suburbs
    crowd_ht - Crowd Control Hotels and Marina
    demoderby_un - Demolition Derby Stilwater University
    drug_ai - Drug Trafficking Airport
    drug_ht - Drug Trafficking Hotels and Marina
    escort_rl - Escort Redlight District
    escort_un - Escort University
    fight_ar - Fight Club Arena
    fight_pr - Fight Club Prison
    fuzz_pj - Fuzz Projects
    fuzz_sx - Fuzz Suburbs Expansion
    heli_tp - Heli Assault Trailer Park
    heli_br - Heli Assault Barrio
    fraud_fc - Insurance Fraud Factories
    fraud_mu - Insurance Fraud Museum
    mayhem_st - Mayhem Redlight
    mayhem_nu - Mayhem Nuke plant
    sewage_sx - Septic Avenger Suburbs Expansion
    sewage_rl - Septic Avenger Redlight
    snatch_ct - Snatch Chinatown
    snatch_dt - Snatch Downtown
    torch_dt - Trail Blazing Downtown
    torch_ap - Trail Blazing Apartments
  5. Damn, you are saying that you need to change that to that, but you can't, let's say, get both the shotgun and launcher? And you can't replay, you must redo it if you completed it? Too bad...

    Alright, so patch.vpp_pc is the one and only file I must rely to when I change anything, that is good! Better one dependency than two when it comes to modding.

    Yes, it was the peg_pc I have missed, and it was the peg_pc I had to extract, now it extracted and I will continue with your instructions. Thanks for the help.

    I will do Fleu de Lis later.

    Anyway, again about unlimited ammo; Could you perhaps give me a good example? For instance, perhaps 75 mugging gives you unlimited launcher, 76 gives you throw, 77 gives you that, this...Also for "hitman_all"
  6. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    You can't do 2 ammo types using only one unlockables entry. You also can't process 2 unlockable entries for one activity level. You can, however, do multiple unlocks for missions using sr2_city_missions.xtbl. I believe that a mission can process 4 unlock entries max.

    The ORIG MISSION UNLOCK tab in my SR2 modding spreadsheet may help you out:

    Here are where all the diversion unlocks happen:

    CHOP SHOP Complete any 1 Chop Shop list stat_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_ChopshopFirst (car_2dr_buggy01 variant race_fb) Buggy
    CHOP SHOP Complete any 2 Chop Shop lists stat_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Chopshop (sp_combine variant Reward) Kent (Combine)
    CHOP SHOP Complete all Chops Shop lists stat_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Chopshop_All 75% Mechanic Discount
    HITMAN Complete any 1 Hitman list hitman_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Hitman_1 Grenades at crib
    HITMAN Complete any 3 Hitman lists hitman_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Hitman_3 Satchel Charges at crib
    HITMAN Complete all Hitman lists hitman_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Hitman_ALL Infinite Rifle ammo
    GANG KILLS 3 Gold Star Rank diversion_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Combat Avenger Jacket
    RACE Complete all motorcycle races racing.xtbl Diversion_Racing_Bike (bike_chopper01 variant gang_saints) Saints Race Bike
    RACE Complete all plane races racing.xtbl Diversion_Racing_Airplane (plane_fighter01 variant gang_saints) Saints Plane
    RACE Complete all helicopter races racing.xtbl Diversion_Racing_Heli (heli_4dr_police01 variant reward) Saints Helicopter
    RACE Complete all boat races racing.xtbl Diversion_Racing_Boat (boat_yacht01 variant Gang_Saints_Racing) Saints Yacht
    RACE Complete all car races racing.xtbl Diversion_Racing_Car (car_2dr_exoticsports05 variant Reward) Race car Bezier
    RACE Complete all races racing.xtbl Diversion_Racing_All Special Cowboy Hat
    BASE JUMPING 3 Gold Star Rank base_jumping.xtbl Diversion_Basejump No Fall Damage
    ZOMBIE UPRISING Complete all levels zombie.xtbl Diversion_Zombie Zombie Mask
    VEHICLE SURFING 3 Gold Star Rank diversion_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Surf Traffic Cone Hat
    HO-ING Complete Level 10 in Red Light District whoring.xtbl Diversion_Hoing Pimp Suit
    MUGGING Complete 30 Muggings stat_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Mugging Paintball Mask
    MUGGING Complete 50 Muggings stat_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Mugging2 Jane Valderama homie
    HOLDUP Successfully hold up 20 Stores stat_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Holdups Free Food and Liquor
    AMBULANCE Complete all levels ambulance.xtbl Diversion_Ambulance1 (sp_ambulance01 variant reward) Saints Ambulance, Defibrilator
    FIRE TRUCK Complete all levels firetruck.xtbl Diversion_Firetruck1, Diversion_Firetruck2 Saints Fire Truck, Fire Fighter Suit
    HOSTAGE Complete 10 Hostage Diversions stat_unlockables.xtbl Diversion_Hostage (sp_atv01 variant hostage) Saints Toad ATV
    TOW TRUCK Complete all levels tow_truck.xtbl Diversion_Tow (truck_2dr_tow01 variant gang_saints) Saints Tow Truck
    TAXI Complete all levels taxi.xtbl Diversion_Taxi (car_4dr_taxi01 variant reward) Super Taxi
    STUNT JUMPS Complete all 80 Stunt Jumps exploration_diversion.xtbl Diversion_Jumps_All (car_2dr_muscle02 variant Stunt Jump) The Duke's Bootlegger
    COMBAT TRICKS Complete all combat tricks diversion_unlockables.xtbl Combat_TricksGun AR-50 XMAC Special
    COLLECT CDs Collect 10 CDs items_3d.xtbl Diversion_CD1 Free music track Bachelor Samba
    COLLECT CDs Collect 20 CDs items_3d.xtbl Diversion_CD2 Free music track Coconuts
    COLLECT CDs Collect 30 CDs items_3d.xtbl Diversion_CD3 Free music track Marvelous Singers Remix
    COLLECT CDs Collect 40 CDs items_3d.xtbl Diversion_CD4 Free music track Stereo Cha Cha
    COLLECT CDs Collect 50 CDs items_3d.xtbl Diversion_CD5 All music free at Scratch That
    DRIVING STUNTS 3 gold stars: oncoming, near miss, jump diversion_unlockables.xtbl Driving_Stunts (car_2dr_muscle04 variant Stunts) Bandit vehicle
  7. Thanks for the help, I will do these other two later, now I want to rely more on the textures.

    Your guide is good, it helped a lot, but there is some sort of bug with the AK47, I can't seem to change the wood texture even if I did change it, do you know why is that? I really hope I can change it.

    EDIT: Did the "unlockable ammo" already and it worked great with the CD unlocks.
  8. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    Attach your modified peg_pc and g_peg_pc and we can take a look.
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  10. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    You forgot to edit ak2_me.tga_0.png. That's your wood grain stock. If you actually did edit it, then you might have forgotten to delete the .raw for that one on repack.
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