The Super Ethical Patch 4.0 (Classic Edition)

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    NOTE: This version is only compatible with the classic version. Click here for the Remastered Edition

    The SUPER ETHICAL PATCH is a mod-pack based of Gentlemen of Steelport, updated by myself, along with the help of others. Its goal is to improve the game while keeping it as close to vanilla as possible; add to the game's experience WITHOUT breaking or vastly changing anything in the base game.

    Any and all changes are easy to uninstall SEPARATELY - so you can have the exact experience you want!


    ⦁ Improved AI
    ⦁ Improved weapons (Explosions cause gibbed effect; stun gun, grave digger, bling shotgun now usable in vehicles)
    ⦁ New outfits and clothing (Trailblazing outfit, NyteBlayde suit, Tron suit, firefighter suit, hazmat headgear)
    ⦁ New Homies (Johnny Gat, Angel with mask)
    ⦁ Improved Homies (Oleg doesn't turn on you, Pierce has more HP)
    ⦁ Improved colors
    ⦁ vehicles can now be flipped and rolled mid-air like Saints Row IV
    ⦁ fixed interior camera
    ⦁ Closer Face Customization Camera
    ⦁ IdolNinja's sandbox+
    ⦁ IdolNinja's fixed Oleg homie and scythe audio
    ⦁ IdolNinja's mission replay (default outfit change)
    ⦁ F13's gameplay tweaks
    ⦁ IdolNinja's tank radio, lowered cruise control and customize non-customizable vehicles
    ⦁ Admixon's removed sky limit mod
    ⦁ Mikado's Steelport gang DLC fix
    ⦁ Singa's Grenade Launcher upgrade fix
    ⦁ Improved damage and explosive VFX decals and more blood (more blood; effects last for significantly longer)
    ⦁ MLVNRT's female animations fix
    ⦁ Slick's melee combat mod
    ⦁ wardrobe color changer
    ⦁ extra colors for clothing and makeup
    ⦁ clip editor (very buggy -- use at own risk!)
    ⦁ vehicle wheel size limits increased
    ⦁ Diversions now useful! (Streaking earns more respect and cash; is now harder - collectibles earn respect)
    ⦁ Improved ped spawning! (outlandish peds --such as gimps, hoes, construction workers, etc.-- moved to more suitable locations and spawn less frequently)


    ⦁ Dual wield upgrade remover
    ⦁ Additional homies (Jane, Genki, Zombie Loren)
    ⦁ mission replay - no outfit change version
    ⦁ Singa's vehicle crusher mod
    ⦁ Extra peds for higher end PCs


    IdolNinja - some of his mods are included
    Thatsme/Slick - for Melee Overhaul Mod
    MLVNRT - for female animation fix
    The Gentlemen of Steelport Team
    Firespite, mrturkleton, Norvuzirf, Maxwell_Adamas, Steve, Veerek, Uzi, Supermodder, Snipe, Shitface, 50percentJoe, Luckz, Kyle, FlyingMan, Encogen, Pixel, Whopper 2005, gibbed, Corrodias, Bmhur1, Flyn, Jon,
    Minimaul - for the tools
    Admixon - Removed Sky limit mod plus additional help
    @Singa - German translation, vehicle crusher optional mod, grenade launcher upgrade fix, plus additional help
    @mikado - Steelport gang DLC fix
    Sizzurp.MP3 - YouTube video

    Stay tuned for more updates.

    This mod is available in English and German

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  2. '' New outfits and clothing -50% complete'' - Hope This IS Nice Items .
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  3. F13


    They'll be cut content re-added either as unlockables or purchasable in stores. But some clothing items will be updated with better models to improve proportions etc.
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  4. Yeah , For Loving Characters . Waiting Until Released , THANK YOU
  5. F13




    ⦁ Improved weapons
    ⦁ more pedestrian action nodes and idle nodes
    ⦁ Improved colours
    ⦁ fixed interior camera
    ⦁ IdolNinja's sandbox+
    ⦁ IdolNinja's fixed Oleg homie and scythe audio
    ⦁ IdolNinja's mission replay (default outfit change)
    ⦁ IdolNinja's tank radio, lowered cruise control and customize non-customizable vehicles


    ⦁ 5 new unlockable homies
    Jane, Genki, Gat, Eye for an Eye
    ⦁ 3 new unlockable clothing items
    Trail blazing outfit, tron suit, nyteblade suit


    ⦁ Super powers (requires Trouble with Clones DLC!!)
    ⦁ Dual wield upgrade remover
    ⦁ new homies without unlockables (great for old saves!)
    ⦁ mission replay - no outfit change version

    I plan to add more things in later versions
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  6. F13


    Released a new version prematurely to fix the red sky bug. This was caused by an old sandbox+ file sneaking its way into the modpack.
  7. Super powers (requires Trouble with Clones DLC!!) --- Yes , For SR3 '' BOSS '' NICE NIce Nice nice ....
    If Possible , Maybe add Deckers specialist Animation also good idea .....
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  8. Singa

    Singa Succubus Staff Member

    Decker Specialist animations are already in sandbox+
  9. This mod sounds amazing.
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  10. Yes , but I do not want "sandbox+" , just some effect or maybe some animation like dancing mod , THAT OK for me .
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