1. Singa

    Angel Saints Stripper Tramp Stamp Fix

    It took me until the other day to notice that the lower back tattoo on the angel costume stripper in gang customization was applied wrong. So I decided to fix this minor detail that has been present for over a decade. Screenshots: Installation: To install the mod, move the 2 .str2_pc...
  2. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Activities & Missions Saints For Hire

    I love roaming Steelport with all my favorite Homies, I love it even more when someone calls me up for an impromptu Survival. But two things suck about these. A: Cooldown timers After dismissing a Homie, I can't call them up for what feels like way too long. After completing a Survival, they...
  3. V

    Homies & NPCs Disable homies from getting hostile from friendly fire

    I'm wonder, why NOBODY has made this for 10 years since game was released?!? In Saints Row The Third, it is TOO EASY for homies do turn against you and abandon you! They takes only... 1. several shots from weapons (like 45 Shepherd pistol, D4TH Blossom SMG); 2. 1-2 splashes from explosives...
  4. M

    Homies & NPCs Replace Keith David with Julius Little

    Hello, could someone please make a mod that replaces Keith David's model with Julius Little?
  5. EmperorMays

    Homies & NPCs Witcher 3 Homie Mod?

    I had recently acquired a PC suitable for gaming and I'm able to play Saints Row 3 now. With that I'm fairly interested in modding the game to see what kinds of mods I can put in it. I'm kind of new to the site but I'm curious if it's possible to use different models for Saints Row 3 or if it's...
  6. J

    Homies & NPCs Masako Homies

    Is it possible for a mod to add the Masako from SR4 as an option in gang customization?
  7. 3rdStreetSaint 212

    Homies & NPCs Saints Row The Third: Alternate Reality

    Saints Row The Third: Alternate Reality The first mod I installed was obviously the Johnny Gat Homie mod, and now I have a set way of playing through the story. But, it still doesn't seem quite as intended as it's supposed to be. So, here's my idea: When I play the campaign my way, I usually...
  8. Admixon

    All story NPCs are...

    Description ... Violas or ... Shaundis or ... Decker Specialists or ... Gat (Yes, I didn't know how to name this mod). It simply replaces all of the story NPCs/homies with one of the model listed above. Screenshots Viola Shaundi Decker Specialist Gat Installation 1. Download...
  9. F13

    The Super Ethical Patch 4.0 (Classic Edition)

    SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD - SUPER ETHICAL EDITION (Classic Edition) NOTE: This version is only compatible with the classic version. Click here for the Remastered Edition The SUPER ETHICAL PATCH is a mod-pack based of Gentlemen of Steelport, updated by myself, along with the help of others. Its...
  10. Randy Jackson

    How do you paste a textfile of a mod into another? (Murderbot homies mod help)

    Hello everyone, I hope y’all are well, like the clue in the title let’s get down to it: so I’m really new.....like really really really new to modding, what is easy for some is a brain aneurism for me, I need some assistance please, I’m trying to install the Murderbot Homies mod by DataSnake...
  11. P

    requested mods

    homies/followers its a shame only 1 can be summoned hoping 3-5 followers following us in the game. button that remove party skin swapping you can swap your characters skin to following characters (The Boss, Dane Vogel, Shaundi, Jezebel, Pierce and etc) car warehouse/cars *button that can add...
  12. BeMedic

    Allies dont appear in the ship {Bug}

    Allies don't appear in the ship, it was working just find until one day companions stop showing
  13. A

    Ability for the AI followers to revive players.

    This will be my last suggestion. I know it will be hard to edit the AI's, add the ability to make the player go into the bleed out state in singleplayer, but I want to know if you guys are interested in doing it.
  14. A

    Followers health in the HUD.

    I really like how in Saints Row 2 you can see your followers health. But now in Saints Row 3 and 4 it doesn't exist. So, I want to request an mod which makes the followers have the same health HUD like in Co-Op it is. Sorry for bad english.
  15. SRFanboy

    Remove super powers from homies

    Would be pretty cool to remove super powers (but keep their outfit) from super homies. Or if possible, just add normal homies and keep super homies(with powers). Thanks in advance.
  16. SkatefilterX-5

    More Taunts, Gang Customization and More Super Homies

    I added more taunts and compliments and gang customization along with super homies, just put the file in the SRIV's root folder. Preview:
  17. O

    SR2 GOTR Question

    Hi i've been using IdolNinja's GOTR Mod, however some unlockables don't unlock e.g Medical Heli from the Visting Hours missions, etc. also can you have your unlockable homies and the villian homies you select in the create GOTR Custom Patch e.g Mr Sunshine, Kazuo Akuji, Jynuchi etc.? Thanks :)
  18. Q

    Need help with DLC characters please..

    I'm attempting to do something similar to the "one call posse patrol" mod, where you make one call and a busload of homies show up. I'm having a really hard time getting even one of the dlcs to work under ""drive up homie" let alone a bus load. help would be appreciated! thanks
  19. D

    How to make my own homies?

    How to make my own homies?
  20. D

    Is possible to customize homies in image as designed?

    Is possible to customize homies in image as designed?