1. -SeaboundSaint-

    Cutscene Patch

    Cutscene Patch aims to fix (as much as possible) all cutscene issues in Saint's Row 2. This includes Story cutscenes and Activity cutscenes. Some issues are exclusive to the PC port, while some others were shipped with the game on all platforms. The Changelogs shown below are also included in...
  2. AxleStone_Uppa

    My First Mod (Custom Melee Weapons) "Beta"

    (MOD REMOVED): Currently redoing the design of the bat, will re-Upload when fixed & Finished👍. Browse the others for now.
  3. F

    SR4 Re-Elected: The Pentagon Patch V1.1

    SAINTS ROW IV RE-ELECTED: THE PENTAGON PATCH DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION Similar to my Super Ethical Patch for SR3, this is a compilation of several Saints Row IV mods and tweaks ported and remade for the Re-Elected patch, as well as some new mods. The mod includes several changes, fixes, quality...
  4. Singa

    Tutorial Reporting Bugs and Issues

    Since there are plenty of bugs in the game, some minor and some major, the best thing we can do as players is to let the devs know of the bugs we run into, to hopefully patch them. However, before opening a ticket to report a bug, try to make sure that the bug is not caused by a mod you're...
  5. Vlad Viper

    Choppy Animations Fix

    This mod will fix all the choppy animations. To install it just extract "anim_files.xtbl" into the directory where your exe is. Made By Vlad Viper Preview:
  6. F

    Saints Row 2 Saints Row 2 for Labor of Love - Steam awards 2019

    Voting for This year's Steam awards is live now. And one of the categories is "labor of love", which is reserved only for the games that are supported lovingly by their developers years after the game's initial release. If that sounds familiar to you then you're probably already thinking about...
  7. F

    The Super Ethical Patch 4.0 (Classic Edition)

    SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD - SUPER ETHICAL EDITION (Classic Edition) NOTE: This version is only compatible with the classic version. Click here for the Remastered Edition The SUPER ETHICAL PATCH is a mod-pack based of Gentlemen of Steelport, updated by myself, along with the help of others. Its...
  8. G

    Saints Row 2 Questions about upcoming patch and source code

    Hello Volition, First of all, congratulations for finding the Source Code of Saints Row 2. Now my questions: In your stream, you talked about patching the Steam version of Saints Row 2. Will this patch be available for Windows only, or for GNU/Linux (SteamOS) based systems as well? Because the...
  9. Admixon

    SPOILERS Patches and Updates

    Patch v1.03 - Sept 11, 2017 GENERAL MISSION FIXES Fixed enemy and vehicle spawning issues in missions (failed to spawn, spawning in unreachable areas, inside props, etc) Fixed issue with dungeon doors not opening when mission objective updates Fixed infinite load that could occur if player...
  10. jorgefury

    SOLVED Problem installing GOTR. (not creating patch.vpp_pc )

    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but when I run the "Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat" for saints row 2 it works fine until I finish and press "P", then it immediately shuts down and disapears from the folder, and it creates both preload.tbl, and preload_anim.tbl, but not patch.vpp_pc. I'm...
  11. Fan of Saints

    Polish patch from Cenega (spolszczenie Cenegi)

    ***IN ENGLISH*** --> DESCRIPTION <-- So I uploaded Polish patch from Cenega but without an installer - those are just patched files, all you have to do is to paste them to your Saints Row IV install folder. Why would I upload patched files if there's an installer, you may ask. Well, a lot of...
  12. TangledTunlaw

    Wont Create Custom Patch

    Every time I follow the create custom program to make a patch it tells me that it was successful but no patch will appear in the MY_COSTUME_PATCH folder. I'm new to modding and don't know what to do to fix this, I would really appreciate help on this thanks.