SRIV SDK Release B: Creating new weapon tutorial

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    Hi it's me again sorry for the late response. So I just tried out your weapon template and you sent me and I tried to follow your suggestion to the best of my understanding but I am still having similar result to how I did it before except this time the clip is inside the gun. I did make sure to record, and later convert the video clips in GIF files, my steps again in hopes that those GIFs would better illustrate the steps I took this time around. Also thank you for getting to me so quickly, I appreciate it.

    IMG 1.gif

    IMG 2.gif

    IMG 3.gif

    IMG 4.gif

    IMG 5.gif

    IMG 6.gif

    IMG 7.gif

    IMG 8 RESULT.png
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    Mind sending your gun file?
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    NERD BROSKI Beginner

    Hey sorry for the late reply. Sure I can quickly send gun mod/3D model files for you to look at. Note that in the output folder it contains the converted files from NERD_BROSKI_ARSENAL_M1918_BAR_DuwAAK_SCALED_VERSION_1 and the NERD_BROSKI_ARSENAL_M1918_BAR_DuwAAK_ENLARGED_SCALED_VERSION_1 is scaled to the assaultrifle.fbx model. I hope to hear back from you as soon as you can and I thank you for getting back to me. I can't wait to FINALLY get this issue taken care of and I can finally go about modding in new weapon costumes :) .

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