1. AxleStone_Uppa

    Bronze, Silver & Gold Baseball Bats.

    Hi everyone, thought I would share with you my custom Baseball Bat mod which I have been working on for a while. As the title states the mod features Bronze, Silver and Golden Metallic Custom Baseball bats with a nice (Carbon Fibre Grip) at the bottom. Here are some images of the final designs...
  2. Spid3r

    Weapon Renaming & Rework

    What I attempt to achieve with this mod is a "overhaul" to the weapons. Matching their ammo capacity to their real life counterparts whilst dramatically reducing down the spare carried ammo in the sake of "realism". Cutting five hundred spare rounds of ammo down to just sixty. Since where is...
  3. U

    Hadouken mod

    Is there anyone able to make a Hadouken mod like in this thread https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/action.13978/post-117749 I tried contacting the mod author but no luck.
  4. j3lly_m3lly


    i hope it'll b fast, powerful, and hv satisfying finishers just like in the best saints row and won't b a reskin of some shitty baseball bat! feel free 2 share ur thoughts/wishes on katana in the new sr here!
  5. MadeOfPuddin

    Move Sniper to Rifles

    Description Moves the McManus 2010 to the Rifles slot Screenshots Installation Drop all files into your root folder Files _a_ga_dt_03_modal.str2_pc - Changes the forced weapon slot during Guardian Angel (Kinzie) from Special to Rifle _a_ga_nw_01_modal.str2_pc - Changes the forced weapon...
  6. YeehawPhoenix

    The "GTA" Pack for SR2

    The GTA Pack for SR2 (December 09, 2021) Created by YeehawPhoenix Description This mod contains all GTA-related mods I've made for Saints Row 2 to make the game feel a little more like the GTA games such as "GTA V-style Camera", "GTA Online-like Weapon Pricing" and now much more! Features *...
  7. JebBushOfficial


    Exactly as the title says. EVERY PISTOL EVERY SMG EVERY SHOTGUN EVERY RIFLE AND MORE! For a complete list, check right under this, you dork. In addition to the base game's pistol and SMG dual-wield, and GOTR's Twelve Gauge, I've added the following. STUN GUN LAZARUS TOMBSTONE THE ORBITAL...
  8. Singa

    Semi- & Fully-Automatic AR-55

    This mod changes the AR-55 to function as either a fully-automatic rifle or a semi-automatic rifle. You can choose which firing type you want to install. Installation: To install it, copy weapons.xtbl into "Program Files" > "Epic Games" > "SaintsRowTheThird" To uninstall it, remove...
  9. Admixon

    Fleur Du Mal

    Description That was my first weapon mod I made and released in 2017 Screenshots Installation Guide (make sure your game is closed before downloading the mod) Steam 1. Go to https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911549805 2. Press big green button "Subscribe" 3. Wait for...
  10. NarrowWatch

    Upgrade weapons , but keep model from level one

    I want to have my weapons fully upgraded but don't want them to have their ridiculous max level models, such as 3 barreled shotgun...
  11. Singa

    Saints Row: The Third - Maero's Minigun

    After making Maero's Minigun for SR2 and SRIV, it's time SRTT got the same treatment. Not as lore friendly as the other mods, since you'll see enemy brutes carry the minigun, but it is still nice to have if you use a mod that adds it to your weapons cache permanently. Screenshots...
  12. Singa

    Saints Row 2 - Maero's Minigun

    This mod gives the minigun a Brotherhood-like design, similar to the one you see in a display case inside of the White Crib in Saints Row IV. Also check out my minigun mods for the other games: Saints Row: The Third - Maero's Minigun Saints Row IV - New Minigun Designs The mod affects the...
  13. Singa

    Correct Mac10 Clip

    This mod fixes the Mac10 (SKR-7 Spree) from GotR to make it use the correct magazine. Screenshots: Installing: If you use none of my other weapon mods, go into the "Standard GotR" folder and copy its weapons.xtbl into "Gentlemen Of The Row" > "optional_mod_stuff" >...
  14. Singa

    Money Gun

    This mod changes the Mac10/SKR-7 Spree from GotR into a money gun, inspired by the Diamond Sting from GooH. The weapon is still available at Friendly Fire like in base GotR. Screenshots: Installing: To install my mod, open up the "Get your weapons.xtbl here" folder. Inside you will find...
  15. Singa

    Engraved Weapons

    "Engravings give you no tactical advantage whatsoever." ... They also don't give you any disadvantages. This mod adds engravings to the .44 Shepard, 12 Gauge and GDHC .50, you can choose which ones you want to use and pick whether you want to see the engravings in cutscenes for the former...
  16. M

    weapon upgades for DLC weapons

    hello, everyone, I have the following question is there a way to create the weapon upgrades for DLC weapons (namely, lazer weapons from Gangstas in Space DLC)? first, I have tried to add new upgrades in "weapon_upgrades.xtbl" file, like this: <Weapon_Upgrade>...
  17. NarrowWatch

    Sniper Zoom for all Firearms;

    Is it possible to enable the sniper scope overlay to all firearms? It would be optimal to not have the option to zoom in, just the overlay+ the fps pov it provides, since having that option would defeat the sniper to me.
  18. BeautiDuwanger

    BeautiDuwanger Arsenal

    Decided to split the weapons from my clothing mods as a request. Will update when I create more. INSTALLATION: Copy the vpp_pc file to ...saints row 4/mods folder NierAutomata: Swords HALO: UNSC Weapons Bayonetta gun Kill la Kill: Bakuzan
  19. JustB4DW0LF

    Pls Help, Kingdom Key Keyblade

    I Recently playd around in Saintsrow 4 and thaught to myself "why cant the Energy blade look like the Sora`s Kingdomekey Keyblade from Kingdome Hearts" Knowing it is possible to import weapons into the game i searched for a model and the apps i need to do it And i found a Decent looking...
  20. P

    IFS - Improved firearm sounds

    VERSION V1 Hello avid Saints row 2 players! Ever played saints row and you weren't satisfied with the gun sounds? Fear no more! IFS is a W.I.P mod to replace all the weapon sounds in Saints row 2 with more realistic counterparts, so gunfights sound a bit more realistic and "impactful". So...