Tutorial SRIV SDK Release B: Adding New Customization Items

Discussion in 'Steam Workshop' started by flow754, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. I have tried and got disappointed results. Yeah, you can, but to make it work right you should set right bone's Id, which prescribed in a sim_pc files. But we haven't any tool that can generate it and you must to set and try any numbers by guessing and see what happens.
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    I see, This is the best i got, and i think i can get better results. But im afraid the way im doing will work only in a specific type of models.
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    Hmmm interesting, it seems more complex than i thought.


    This is my file, the first new bone order is 71 and the last one is 81. They appear in game, but not correctly. Here is the first test:

    This is the result if i export it as how its shown on the pic. The bone position is wrong, and im not sure if the scale is smaller, or if it only supports up to a min number of bones per chain. It works, but my main problem is how the bone is loaded higher than it is supposed to be. Maybe a freeze option ?

    On the other video I placed the first bone lower than its supposed to be, and i scaled bigger that chain, as you can see, the results are better, but the process is just messy
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  5. As I remember if bone index is wrong - vertices which weighted to it would be static. There is documentation about sim files but unfortunately I am not c++ guy and understand very little about file structure
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    I wish this question was made months or years ago ... so much info that I cant fully understand. Ill try to do what i can with all these.

    Last question btw, maya related this time, is there a way to "fix" a bone or freeze its translation? I manually add those, but im not sure if im missing some attributes or something else, as the freeze option doesnt work with the skeleton.
  7. As I remember it doesn't work with applied skin modifier. You can unbind skin and try it.
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    Thanks, ill see if it works
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    I just installed this item and well... it works:

    I changed my maya file bones properties so they are almost identical to the ones for this cape. However, i just cant replicate this effect. Im starting to think that is not only the fbx file that needs extra info, but maybe a trick or series of steps while using the converter? I guess we have to wait until Flow comes back:(
  10. This effect prebaked in sim_pc files, so all additional bones, where they attached to main skeleton, physic parameters like damping etc. So you can only use existed bones from items with sim_pc files. You can only change mesh in 3d editor. I wrote tutorial how to deal with characters with additional bones, but when i tried wearable items I got this.

    I didn't have time to test it properly so I still don't know would be it work or no.
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