SRIV SDK Release B: Adding New Customization Items

Discussion in 'Steam Workshop' started by flow754, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. I doub exporting is the problem unless the mesh is wrong since the beggining. I make my models in other 3d software and only use maya for rigging and textures. I ve tried exporting as fbx and obj and both works just fine for me. However I had experienced crashes as u say. When this happens is because i messed up during rigging/skining or when using the converter.
  2. I don't think I had any non-manifold geometry in my meshes. I've used cube or tube objects in 3ds Max and didn't remove or weld vertices. I made sure to click "Remove isolated vertices" in 3ds Max just in case, and cleanup non-manifold geometry in Maya in the Mesh rollout. For skinning I've always did as the tutorial said, smooth bind the mesh to the root bone and then copy the skinning from the body. For materials I use phong with a colour, diffuse and normal textures. I have a model of some belts and a skirt, both of which work separately but when combined together into the same mesh, they don't work at all. I attached it to the post if you want to look at it. I've used Maya's automatic UV to make sure the map isn't the culprit.

    I didn't know you can only use 3ds Max, however if I can't use the diffuse slot, doesn't that mean I can't use a BGM/RGB map? What do you mean about crushes? I unwrap the UV map in 3ds Max and tweak it there, then I apply it to the mesh and export it.

    I'm not sure about the skinning, I'm using the automatic copy skin weights. Have you got any tips on how to fix skinning issues?

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  3. I opened your file and i noted this:

    It has all those extra options in the channel box. Im pretty sure those are added when exporting from 3ds max, but im not sure if this is whats causing the crash.


    You unlocked the normals right? I can tell because the other morphs has those black shades and the default doesnt. This tools removes the smooth view from a mesh and the default morph doesnt have it compared to the Fat, muscle and skinny type.

    After unlocking the normals, use the smooth tool to add more polygons to the model, however u need to smooth every morph so they have the exact same topology, or the blendshape wont work.

    I suggest u to remove the blendshape, unlock the normals and use the smooth tool in every single mesh, and then add the blendshape again.

    Besides that, i dont see anything within the model that may cause the crash. Try doing this, and if the issue continues, it may be an error within the customization_file, I once erased some VIDS in it and the game crashed every time. And if this doesnt fix the problem, try cloning another item.

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  4. Skinning can't cause any problem at least after converting. SDK has some limitation for the quantity of the bones weight per vertex so it will stop conversion if it will find something.

    As I said you have two UV layers(sets). You should transfer them to one and delete other, in your case simply delete UVChannel_2

    You don't need edit normals for blendshapes, it remembers only vertex position, also you don't need tesselation to smooth normals, F2>Mesh display>Soften edge not so handy as smoothing groups in max but it works
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  5. I removed the extra UV layer and it doesn't crash anymore. Thanks everyone for helping me.

    I've also noticed that if the BCM or RGB texture is too big (1024x1024 or greater), it will also crash the game, however diffuse maps will work at that size. After resizing the RGB map to 512x512 it works fine. Is this an engine limitation?
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    There shouldn't be any limitations when it comes to texture sizes so I'm not sure why this is happening to you. Did you change anything else besides the resolution, like for example the bit depth or number of channels?
  7. I don't think so. I make a new image in GIMP, paint the texture and export as a .tga file with RLE compression enabled. I have an item with a diffuse and BCM texture. The diffuse is 1024x1024 while the BCM is 512x512. If I make the BCM 1024x1024 by simply resizing it, the game will crash.
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    flow754 Modding patch tester

    My guess is that, by upsampling the image you get some approximated pixels that are neither pure blue, cyan or magenta, thus messing with the shader. I wouldn't have expected the game to just crash in that case but I do wonder if that could have something to do with it. If I were you I would test if the game still crashes with a plain blue 1024x1024 BCM map.
  9. I did make a new BCM with only blue and it worked. I then re-did the texture I was using before and it also worked in 1024x1024 when I didn't resize it. Thank you.
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  10. @flow754 Hey quick question. I have been having this problem when ever I try to open up the converter in the SDK it immediate, before even opening up, crashes. Is there any fix for it? I download everything in the right order but to no avail. Please get back to me soon as possible :)
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