Sandbox++ v0.9 (Warp to Activity Markers + Ghost Town Mode)

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by nclok1405, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. And then there is an increase in player growth and a free camera, as in the sandbox for the fourth part of the game?
  2. I tried both it in saints row 3 and it doesn't exist so this can be the samething to SR2 as well.
  3. wait! it's year 2020 i was been thinking about stores for sandbox+ in SR2, no sign of store_clothing, since they change the function name in SR3.
    so about 2nd game, image as design, clothing stores (all clothing), tattoos, rim jobs, friendly fire instant access instead of just wasting time going to stores
    i really want instant access like SR3/4/GOOH sandbox+. - they did it saints row 2 stream build in the past.
  4. Hey, is there a way to replace animations? I want to replace "pole_stand" with "pole dance a" (pfl1_ho_pol_dance_a.animx) but i'm not sure how to do it without replacing a pre existing animation inside the game. Thanks
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