1. S

    Police Mod & Sandbox+ Mod

    I know that this bigger type of Mods will take some Time but come on, the Chasing Ai in this Game is definitely more realistic than in previous Games and makes a lot of fun + i think this Game meet all the requirements for making a Police Mod possible. So a Police Mod like LSPDFR would be...
  2. FuroreLT

    Homies & NPCs Trouble Finding Homie/Follower Names In Code

    Does anyone know what the homies are called in the code of SR2? For example In SR3 and 4 they are "FOLLOWER#1") having trouble finding it in SR2 though. Trying to get them to do specific animations like taking the Player character as a human shield and things like that
  3. TheRustyRebel

    Compilation Cutscene hotkeys from Sandbox+

    Is any of you talented modders able to transfer the great feature of original Sandbox+ where cutscenes can be triggered by holding down keys. I loved this feature on the original Saints Row The Third, but the current Sandbox+ for the Remastered Edition doesn't include the cutscene feature. I am...
  4. FuroreLT

    Homies & NPCs SR2 NPC Code Names For Homies?

    Does anyone know any of the NPC names in SR2? For the homies in particular? Like in saints row 3/4 they're labeled "Followers" but in SR2 id think this is the case. Can anyone help? Trying to tweak the code using sr2. Lua but I need NPC names
  5. SkatefilterX-5

    Compilation Sandbox+ Crazy/Silly Edition for Remastered

    1 week later a lot of testing... I put all these crazy stuff into Sandbox+ linking to Missions, Triggers at the fun. It's comes with loaded of 32/35 missions on start but one you complete it one of them, you won't able to do it again but reload your saves. Even you beat the game, all missions...
  6. FuroreLT

    Help Getting Sandbox+ To work with GOG Version?

    So i recently brought SR2 from GOG and downloaded GOTR (Gentleman of the row) and got it working but for some reason i can't seem to get Sandbox's codes to work. I moved the SR2.lua file to both the root folder and the GOTr's "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder Do i have to do...
  7. FuroreLT

    SOLVED Modifying Sandbox+, Scripts Questions

    So My end goal is basically do what is done in this video, It's been a nice little diversion for me but I've hit a wall. Where can i find the scripts for Saints Row The Third (particularly the Three Way Mission) and how do I input them into Sandbox+ with their own Key binds? As you can see...
  8. I

    Compatibility patch for Sandbox+, RandomEcounter and SimulationClothingOnShip

    Compatibility patch for Sandbox+, RandomEcounter and SimulationClothingOnShip This patch allows you to use the following three mods at the same time: Sandbox+ Wear Simulation Clothing on Ship...
  9. SkatefilterX-5

    Sandbox++ turns into Expansion (Missions Tweaks, NPC/Group Spawners and More!)

    For the sandbox+ expansion I spent hours getting strings from debug missions and create group with the same name in debug in any missions, finally enemies can be modified with use of flags. (Wonder why for m08/Trojan Whores I can't modifiy the strippers back in 2016) After the old release for...
  10. SkatefilterX-5

    Some cool with killing CID in Crib ship, Homies turn on you.

    Hey, guys! I found something new tweak Crib ship NPCs, first off I get the names from this sr3city.lua thread all the way at the bottom. SR3_CITY_CONTACTS = { { type = QOC_ASHA, npc = "Asha_01", trigger = "asha_trigger" }, { type = QOC_BEN_KING...
  11. THPSX

    Modified Sandbox+ The Most Wanted Hell Edition

    I have a new version of sandbox+ I say to the most wanted edition, whenever mission homie see you do something bad or kill a husk he will kill you until you your notoriety reach level 0. After I was adding triggers to any targeted homie and messing around in saints row 3 and 4 that's not in...
  12. MasakoTeam

    Cutscene interiors for Sandbox+

    This mod spawns all of the cutscene interiors on the map so that they can be finally visited, also it is modded on top of Fan Of Saints Sandbox+ so that the interiors can be viewed using the camera freeroam mode by pressing R + HOME. Since most of them are located beyond city limits. Even...

    Music On-foot radio swither and audible for COOP player

    Can you please make a music switcher (Like on-foot radio in IdolNinja's Sandbox+ for SRTT) for SRIV?
  14. InDaFaaaaace

    Overly Aggressive NPCs

    I currently have Sandbox+, TTDIS family friendly/naughty edition, and GoS installed on my game. With that said, all NPCs that regularly wouldn't attack are constantly trying to gun me down and run me off the road. It makes doing any of the side missions a huge pain to do and causes more...
  15. nclok1405

    Sandbox++ v0.9 (Warp to Activity Markers + Ghost Town Mode)

    Sandbox++ v0.9 Original Sandbox+ by IdolNinja Modified by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU Download: (Ghost Town achieved with commands 888817, 888818, 888821) === Description === Sandbox++ is a modified version of Sandbox+ included in Gentlemen of the Row mod. Added more...
  16. Henry08

    HAARP controller

    Mod that allows you to control time of day in the game by using this melee gun. Based on Idol Ninja's Sandbox+
  17. DSG99

    Need assistance with getting these mods to work... (SR4)

    Hey guys! Recently got into Saints Row again after a while and I got some mods for IV. When using these mods are together (without any merging since I am really dumb and stupid at that) the game would either crash at launch or when I went into the upgrade section of Friendly Fire. There they...
  18. HyperVoxel

    Why not add console commands back in?

    I understand they were removed before the game shipped but why take them out? they are very advanced and players can have a lot of fun. For example morphing on SR4 has been a subject widely talked about and you can pretty much do that no problem with console commands as I've seen, it makes me...
  19. Fan of Saints

    Crib Mod

    NOW AVAILABLE ON WORKSHOP! OFFICIAL STEAM GUIDE There are four requirements to make this mod work properly: Download 'audio_banks' file attached below, then put it in your Saints Row IV root folder for new sound effects. Buy Enter the Dominatrix DLC. Complete the storyline (otherwise mod won't...
  20. MissyRJ90

    Mods don't work?!

    Hi everyone. I downloaded the Sandbox + mod for Saints Row IV and i copied the instructions exactly as it says and when i loaded my game, there was nothing new that was there! I was like "What the hell? i just wasted my time sorting out all the buttons to the shortcuts and it don't f'n work!"...