Sandbox++ v0.9 (Warp to Activity Markers + Ghost Town Mode)

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by nclok1405, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Amazing work. Glad someone here can make dreams a reality.
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  2. In case you're interested, I found the smell setting.

    <Type>observe - pc (clothes not changed)</Type>
    <ChanceToPlay>0</ChanceToPlay> (this has to be set to 100, like in the vanilla game)
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  3. had an idea...
    would it be possible to make an auto-load script.
    sorta like you put what commands you want to start the game with automatically and it will enable them without having to load them every time
    for example i want to start the game without health generation and no npcs.
    so somewhere where i can add those codes to be default loaded.
  4. Yes you can, look in the sr2_city.lua and look towards the bottom at how the yacht is always active, so in other words create a function such as
    function always_load_this()
    code here
    code here

    then towards the bottom of the lua add the function name so it always loads so example
    load_chunky() -- Loads yacht chunks for crib
    always_load_this() -- Loads custom script on startup.

    I'm not the best at explaining it but the answer is yes. I did it alot when testing certain commands etc va lua. Just make sure you format the function properly. Respectively you could just add on to the load_chunky function if memory serves me right, I however just create functions 1 by 1, but that's just me and have them load
  5. Hi,i didn't understand how to use the outfits commands,i typed 888-671 to get the police outfit but it always result in Failed
  6. Thank you, wanted to create a hardcore mod with no health regen etc.
  7. Arondight

    Arondight Modding patch tester

    I wonder, if it's possible to add an hide hud command or a some form of free cam. That would seriously help to take some screenshots
  8. The author of this mod has another mod called Super UI where you can hide the hud in the settings. Someone else made a mod for freecam already too. Just look around here.
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  9. Arondight

    Arondight Modding patch tester

    Oh nice, I found that one but the freecam one still evades me :(
  10. BeautiDuwanger

    BeautiDuwanger Snow White

    Having tons of fun with this mod. Btw nclock, is it possible to make the animation commands play for the coop player too?
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