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Discussion in 'Compilations' started by [V] IdolNinja, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Finally with the perfectly working hide hud function! made me play this much fun. Thanks IdolNinja! (just a side note: the togle hud works so good as it doesn't disable the activation (E) key which for some reason happened to me with the additional cheats mod.)
  2. I tried using the zombie spawning, but all it does is spawn zombies for like, 1 second, then they disapear. Help? All the other spawns work, and everything is installed...
  3. I notices that in most cutscene, the Boss keep the chlotes he wears.
  4. I am about to ask the stupidest question in this forum's history:

    What exactly is the Sandbox+ mod?

    I played (and still thoroughly enjoy both GotR and GoS) but I am a little lost with precisely what this Sandbox mod is and what it means? I read the OP and it seems to give mostly key programing buttons? lol Seriously, sorry about the dumbass question!
  5. JokeJujitsu

    JokeJujitsu Modding patch tester

    It's basically just a bunch of extra functions that are activated by key combinations. Like teleportation and stuff like that.
  6. Working on singalongs that Pierce and the Protagonist did. It's an audio event so it can be played anywhere but here's just a sneak peek at what I did. I'll see (when he gets back) if IdolNinja can put it in.

    I'll be working on it, so there's more to play from it.

  7. This is epic :'), I love the 'Singalongs' in game
  8. Nice find . Now Have sound ;) in my work in progress
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  9. Oh wow, you actually got the statue to work!

    IdolNinja's gonna love that.

    I've also been trying to get unused homies to spawn. Not sure how but all I know is Mr. Sunshine and Dane Vogel refuse to spawn when replacing Pierce with them, and I'm not sure how to directly spawn an npc.
  10. Thats pretty cool nice little fix you done ther, Im guessing Idol is on his trip to Volition HQ atm as iv not seen him online :S, also one tiny thing missing with this is the preloaded models for Parachute and the ladle :), also could either you or MissingNoGuy55 tell me how you got the animation set working for the knife are you loading them direct from the mission containers them selfs or have they been preloaded as I know F.O.S would love to get that anim working for one of his new weapons :D

    Edit: Here are the models for Parachute and Ladel hope this helps :D, also for some reason Parachute is already preloaded so I dont see why it wasnt showing up in that vid :S

    Note: Also if this would be considerd a bit off topic and if Idol wishes to remove this post I will understand :)

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