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Saints Row 5 Ideas thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BDX777, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. Corrodias

    Corrodias Generally Awesome Staff Member

    I wish I could identify what made Stilwater feel... more alive, more genuine than Steelport, which felt more like an obvious, videogame construct. I worry it might have just been lower standards, since I played 2 long before 3. I don't think so, though; I'm clearly not the only one who senses it. If someone can identify what the special sauce is, I think a lot of those open world games can benefit.

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  2. flow754

    flow754 Modding patch tester

    I'm gonna go ahead and say it's the NPCs and their sheer unpredictability. In SR2 you can never be sure as to what will happen if you just watch the peds for a while: There'll be cops chasing streakers, pimps beating up gang members and if you're lucky you might even spot a failed parachuter falling from the sky smashing a bus stop.
    That and a city that feels overall more handcrafted than Steelport, probably because they didn't reuse assets as obviously as they did in 3/4. Just look at the road layout: Steelport has very grid-like infrastructure, streets mostly take 90 degree turns, there's little variance in height, it's as if you never drive downhill at all, except for the area around the nuclear plant. Driving in SR2 compared to that feels like riding a rollercoaster even though the vehicle controls are way better in 3.
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  3. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    imma say that stillwater was PACKED with hidden areas and interiors.
    like, a lot of them.
    remember the sex dungeon beneath the cemetary? or the stillwater caves? or the fact that between sr1 and sr2 the saints row area was COMPLETELY transformed?

    my dream sr game: sr4s superpowers and weaponry in either a city like stillwater or stillwater itself.
    as in, as detailed as possible.
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  4. I also want it to be more grounded like saints row 1 and 2 preferably or at least with gangs and I WANT SPLITSCREEN. I really want to be able to sit down with a friend have him/her grab a controller and just have a good time. I don't like how to play locally you need to both have a multiplayer pass, both have seperate tvs, and both have an xbox/ps3/4 or pc. Those are a ton of requirements.!!!!!!!!!!!1
  5. VSW


    Anyone remember the groups & groups of mimes that appeared from nowhere in Saints 2.

    I totally agree.
    Going forward Saints still could use ideas from Saints 2 while maintaining the sci-fi/superpowered theme.
    Remember City of heroes/City of villains.
    Saints 5 could have a multitude of heroes & villains mixed in a living city on a new a planet or even a huge space station could hold variety of different alien species.

    With movies like StarTrek/StarWars, Avengers, the upcoming Justice League movie, sci-fi television shows like Doctor Who, The Expanse, Magicians, KillJoys.
    Comic Book & Sci-Fi are an easy cash in now.

    And how cool & hilarious would it be to see Fun Shaundi or another Saint smoke some alien drug, die & have their soul pop out of their body complete Astral projection style.

    Or eat alien hamburger that gets angry & slaps you or something alien tries eating you.
    Some alien weed gives you 4 arms.

    I'd love to see weapons like on the Avengers or weapons designed for superpowered & alien threats, not just tossing regular old bullets around.

    Yea, why not go a city of heroes/villains or DC Online with character creation, choose superpowered based or equipment based character class.

    That's what online communities are all about.
    No one has to agree or like anyone's opinions or ideas or even have to acknowledge them altogether especially when there's options to ignore.
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  6. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    I was thinking a city set outside of time, where zinyak from an alternate timeline wants to re-take his empire in the prime timeline.
    thus. the zin civil war erupts... so great and terrible that it rends spacetime itself and causes history to be condensed into one big city. with each gang being themed after different time periods and nationalities.
    we could have a samurai gang, a greaser gang, the syndicate (now under one banner) and conquistadors.... and then the saints/zin/ultor gang.
    it would be a huge city with aspects from across history, where the gangs all have superpowers. and the law enforcement? fucking god himself.

    i'm gonna say. i want a balance between alien weaponry and more modern gang-ish weapons. in saints row, the more weapons one has, the better. and with this new time traveling angle they REALLY can bring in weaponry from across time.... even futuristic/alien weaponry.
  7. VSW


    That sounds cool.

    I was thinking either the Saints get a distress beacon from a gigantic damaged space station that gets invaded by multiple alien species that's naturally powerful & have abilities rivaling Zinyak.
    In order to be effective the Saints get infused with superpowered abilities.

    Or The Saints crashes on a new planet filled with a wide variety of species.
  8. smashbro596

    smashbro596 Modding patch tester

    let's talk radio.
    this, needs to be on the mix.

    possibly when the boss rediscovers his/her superpowers.

    also. next game. k12 needs to have the full version of the dubstep gun song 1 from sr4.
    aka this.
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  9. VSW


  10. what I was meaning was that people shouldn't be able to access EVERY superpower whenever they want, it would make them more OP than superman (maybe once you've got more completion you could)
    ie. the flash doesn't have laser vision, and he would be too OP if he did.
    wall running was a lazy way of gaining height because the devs didn't want you to fly
    I was meaning as in Batman, he's a superhero so they should add that.

    Also if they have superheroes then they can't leave out batman & spiderman type stuff (i.e. fighting gangs (that use guns), the police, petty crime)

    But all kidding aside I think a straight up cover of Lego Marvel Superheroes (which is what a lot of people are describing, and it is a good game) would be pure sh¡t, especially if there are no licenced characters and they have to somehow implement a bunch of criminals gone executive mascots gone politicians as the main characters.

    And unfortunately, implementing splitscreen into an open world game is very heavy on resources, even current gen. so it will be unlikely without a graphics downgrade.

    The radio should be quite varied, with a lot more stations and broader genre span in each station.
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