Saints Row 4 First Person View *ALPHA STAGE*

Discussion in 'Visuals & Graphics' started by ImmortalSin, Sep 29, 2013.

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    You must have missed the part of the instructions where you need to wear that specific chain which is modded to obscure the player's head.
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  2. Well thank you.
    Make sure you go to Planet Zin and purchase the Saints Flur Chain in the hat section. That will remove the head giving you a much better experience.
  3. Oh yeah I missed that, thanks guys. :)
  4. We're all here to help. If you wanna poke around the scripted files and see if there's anything you can do to improve the overall quality of the mod just send ImmoSin, BadMad or myself a message and we'll be glad to check it out.
  5. There was one thing that I found really annoying from the start is that if you jump the camera zooms in for no reason. I don't have widescreen so I can't see almost anything when this happens. I found a fix though, in tweak_table.xtbl there are values:

    Changed min and max fov to 95 and it fixed problem.
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  6. Nice job :D! I've been pretty excited to try it since you messaged me on YT! Forgive me for not doing a video right away, I wanted to wait for a little more polish so I could showcase the mod in all its glory! AND HOW GLORIOUS THIS MOD IS! Keep up the good work :)!

    I'll leave this here.
  7. Nice video cowlick! Sorry for the delay but we wanted to make sure that the first release was a polished one (despite the minor launch hiccups). We put a lot of effort into it and I'm glad we got fellow saints fans like yourself to help promote it. Hopefully more people can enjoy it.
  8. One word to describe how I feel towards this video: AWESOME!!

    Thank you for giving our mod some support!
    just as Mr. Scratch has said, I am glad to know that you are enjoying our mod and being a fan of it!

    This is currently in pre-alpha stages and there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make this mod perfect! So expect updates coming.
    Huge thanks for the video!
  9. wow asome mod I almost like it now and I just dowloaded it!
  10. That outro song, I must know what the name of it is!
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