Saints Row 4 First Person View *ALPHA STAGE*

Discussion in 'Visuals & Graphics' started by ImmortalSin, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Improved the overall performance of the Dubstep gun!
    Still needs just a little bit more work, but I will push out this update for it.
    It is now up v0.25
  2. bro i like this mod but can you fix the like when you ar sprinting you can see your face plz
  3. Read the instructions.
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  4. Thanks happy turtle.
    I think idolninja stepped into this mod enough, that I believe he got tired.

    There is a video on the previous page discussing how to remove the head, and not to mention the instructions are on the 1 page of this mod under installation.

    You need not go to Planet Zin and purchase a Saints Flur Chain located under the head ware section. That will fix your issue.
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  5. Do you plan on adding first person view when driving?
  6. In fact yes.
    There should be an update coming soon to apply vehicles to the first person perspective. Badmadscientist and Mr Scratch is in charge of that and I, immortal, is in charge of the on foot and super powers. But we all help each other whenever needed.

    So expect an update really soon for the 1st person vehicle mod.
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  7. "Replaced player weapon animations, player will now hip fire unless you use fine aimming."
    Just wondering; do you have any plans on making a option to have fine aimming animations always present? so the gun is always displayed on screen? If not, i understand :) Loving the mod so far!
  8. Thats is going to be a little tricky. We will have to change the games engine mechanics and we are unable to do that at the moment because there is no SDK available for this game. I'm sure when it does become available we can see if there is a way to make that happen.
  9. Understood. Thanks for the reply :)
  10. The main issue with keeping your weapon perma drawn is that the animations cause bad clipping issues. In fine aim it's not that noticeable because typically you are trying to shoot something near the same height level or above but the further down you look the more clipping issues you get.

    As for cars BadMad has had those complete with the help us his SRTT fps mod for quite awhile however there are animation issues (of course) that were introduced in SR4. We're currently brainstorming the best release method at the moment.
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