NPC behaviour and spawn mod

Discussion in 'Compilations' started by shitface, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. I'm not having any problems with zombies when I enable the cheat. It takes about a minute for them to show up, but I haven't experienced any crashing. Are you sure you're not using any other mods that could be causing a conflict?
  2. 50percentJoe

    50percentJoe Modding patch tester

    None that I'm immediately aware of, I have a GoS installed, then a custom tweaked combo of yours and my weapons mod installed. Maybe I should give it a try over a clean version of SRTT.
  3. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    I believe that GPO uses some of the same files if you have that installed.
  4. 50percentJoe

    50percentJoe Modding patch tester

    I went and rebuilt all my ASM's for all the mods I have running together, works great now. ^_^ It totally slipped my mind to update them, thanks for mentioning gosp uses some of the same ones.
  5. Version 7 is out! This version is a big update, random variants for every spawnable vehicle have been added, so you're guaranteed to see much more diverse traffic on the streets. Keep your eyes peeled for some really bizarre looking cars as well! This version also brings some very small changes to gang grunts' weaponry and melee strength, and enables undercover cop cars to spawn alongside regular ones on the street. Female cops also spawn much more commonly, too.

    EDIT: Uploaded V8 a little later to make a small change to the law cap.
  6. 50percentJoe

    50percentJoe Modding patch tester

    Weird... I have mission replay, my weapons textures, your bahaviour mod, and a few other things installed. Just got version 8, rebuilt all the ASM's, still can't use the zombie cheat. o_O
  7. Also there were no female cops... I had to paste "characters.xtbl" from my mod to get them to work.
  8. 50percentJoe: Zombies are working just fine for me. What sort of problem are you experiencing? It usually takes a minute or so for the game to begin spawning the zombies, they'll spawn the fastest if you're on foot. Are you sure you're not using any other mods like Gang Plus One that could be conflicting with this one? Which other mods do you have installed?

    BadMadScientist: Female cops are there, but they don't spawn as regular beat cops patrolling on foot. They'll spawn at things like traffic stops and in cop cars at badge level 2.
  9. Weird... I got 5-star notoriety and hadn't seem them even once. Maybe I have to verify files integrity.
  10. Try the latest update, it should fix the problem you're having. It also adds randomized variants for a couple of vehicles I missed in the last update.
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