NPC behaviour and spawn mod

I was inspired by Idolninja's topic on fixing the cowardly civilians, so I decided to make my own version!

What does it do? (It makes Steelport not be such a fuckin' boring place anymore!)

AI Improvements- You'll be seeing a lot more emergent gameplay in Saints Row 3 with this mod. The AI behaves in a much more chaotic way, civilians will have higher odds of fighting or freaking out when shit starts to go down, leading to some truly random, unique and hilarious gameplay experiences. All NPCs are also now much better melee fighters. Changes to action nodes will bring steelport back to life as you see the AI doing crazy stuff at random- dancing in the street, protesting, etc.

Improved Spawning- This mod adds a ridiculous amount (over 100 new objects) of new and unused content to Steelport to really liven things up. All vehicles now spawn with randomized parts and paint, and on occasion you might run into some really crazy looking cars! Dozens of new NPCs with better colours and randomized items now spawn on the streets, they all carry a much wider variety of weapons, and the Saints now have a massive arsenal of weapons they can spawn with. Indoor areas have been improved as well, and will appear much more populated and alive!

Better Notoriety- Police and gang spawning has been modified to give each faction a more unique fighting style. Police now spawn in undercover cars and motorcycles on the street at level 0, and helicopters can be seen flying overhead at level 0 as well. Cops now also have the ability to attack you from the water while you're on land, and female cops now spawn as well. The amount of enemy helis in the air at level 5 has been increased for much better air combat. STAG soldiers have fireproof armor and can resist being used as human shields. The Deckers can now spawn with their unique APCs at level 5, and the Morningstar have been given vulture helicopters, while the Luchadores have faster spawn times and will be more likely to rush you with melee attacks. Killing civilians won't raise your notoriety as quickly. Yorpie's notoriety error fix mod is also included.

Neighborhood Spawning Changes


Burns hill is basically your typical suburb- lots of old people here, and not much activity at night time. Ashwood is much livelier during the night- and there is a much higher chance to see strippers walking around. Salander's population is now much more relevant to its name- there are many more punks walking around this area now, especially at night. Brickston's population is similar to Burns Hill, but traffic is a little more dense here.

Carver Island

Seeing as murderbrawl is taking place here, Yearwood has a high population of wrestlers, and a large amount of emergency vehicles and hearses to accommodate its contestants. New Baranec and Point Pryor are both party/casino areas, so they are busiest at night time, with a large population of bouncers, clubbers, business people, and hos. Point Pryoris mostly populated with dock workers and truck drivers during the day. Bridgeport has nothing special about it, and The Grove/Arapice Island are highly populated with bums and mascots.

Downtown Area

All downtown neighborhoods have received a big boost in traffic density during the daytime, and are mostly populated by businesspeople during the day, and clubbers, bums, and bouncers at night. Sunset Park also has a high biker population at night time. During the STAG occupation, traffic is minimal during the day and almost non-existent at night.

New Colvin

Wesley Cutter airport is kind of a melting pot- every type of pedestrian has a decent chance of spawning here, as well as a lot of security staff. Taxis, buses, and limos make up a good percentage of the road traffic.
Camano Place is pretty boring- mostly old people, construction workers, and truck drivers populate this area. Rosen Oaks has a large population of gimps, strippers, and hos for obvious reasons, and is much more active during the night. Espina is mostly populated by hos, bikers, bums, and mascots.

Camano Place, Burns Hill, The Grove and Arapice Island also have a reduced police presence.

To install: Just extract the files into your Saints Row: The Third folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third
If you are asked if you want to overwrite any files, say yes.

This mod also includes a preload_anim.vpp_pc file that adds new animations to the game. It's the same one found in Idolninja's Sandbox+ mod, so don't worry about any conflicts.

I would highly suggest using this mod with my weapons mod or mod pack for the best possible experience.


This mod is based on Pixel's Zombie Mod, and contains the same Zombie ped cheat enhancements. As such, it is not compatible with encogen's Gang Plus One mod, unless you merge them together manually.

Last updated on 8/12/2013
ya its a gog version i played on the first part of the mission were gat and bodyguard hostage were glitch out for some reason makes the guard unkillable so i can't progress into next objective so its really glitch out
Awesome and pretty fun mod, but playing it on hard difficulty(as I always was playing SR) is way toooooo chaotic... If your character knocked to the ground, you are 99% dead. Cos there is no ability in this game to cancel animations such are stopping delay after sprinting and be able to aim, as well as jumping & etc. Also b'cos of most of surrounding NPCs eventually becoming aggressive and also using melee weapons that likely to take you down & you almost have no chances to get up and roll away, since you need to wait standing up animation & when it finished u just being hit again by that npc who just standing near u & camping. Not even mentioning literally every NPC around can do it by sneaking from behind. Not even mentioning this annoying spawn/despawn mechanics which despawning all the good stuff that you can get after mess & spawning new enemys behind you as soon as you turn away.. So if sh1t starts & u started shooting, you need to kill literally everything that u see 360*, while running & trying to get better position to survive ending up camping 1 spot. This mod could be rly cool in SR2 where you are not bound to animations so much, where your character was much more responsive. Here in SR3 its becoming total chaos which making me dead almost always if you now hide on some non-accessible places like rooftops or inside buildings like gun shop and just camping. Well, I decide to suffer even more & installed weapon rebalance mod. Now I'm dieng at least 1nce per 20 minuts on average.
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