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Mods Ideas

Discussion in 'Modding Chat' started by Admixon, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

  2. [GoSP] Jon

    [GoSP] Jon Screw you all

    Well, new revision of the engine. It's still ctg-based by all appearances, they've just redone some of the framework.
  3. I'm now playing the game (I just purchased it via Steam store) and I found some annoying things in gameplay, so I'm want to see these mods:

    1. A mod for less health / armor damage agents are taking from LEGION's enemies (for people like me which aren't hardcore fans). I found some moments of the game are still slightly harder even with playing with lowest difficulty.
    2. Remove (or least increase) that annoying time limit from hacks in later missions where game kicks you if you run out of those few seconds of time to complete hacks time, especially when I'm unlocking Daisy and Red Card. Appears in Agents of Mayhem, no matter whether player is playing easier on hardcore difficulty, if you start doing hacks after unlocking Yeti and Joulie, even if you has some delay and then start doing the hack correctly, the game simply closes this you're has done and forces to try doing the hack from beginning again. I need a mod this time limit for doing hacks do be either increased greatly or disabled off.
    3. A new feature in game allowing player do have also a squads with 4 or 5 agents rather with only 3.
    4. Any way, I truly support @Quantum's idea for mod making once agents has capture any district, it do cannot be captured back from LEGION (they cannot gain control over agents' controlled areas in any way.)
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  4. Quantum

    Quantum Administrator Staff Member

    crazyAPPLE, please learn how to use the Edit button. Multiple posts are strictly forbidden on this forum. See the forum rules.
    I really wish Agents of Mayhem had a "Safe Mode". That's basically what I've been wanting since the game was released. This seems to be an increasingly popular trend in the video game industry:
    I wish Volition would take a lesson from this, as they have appeared to go in the opposite direction with AOM.
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  5. i was wondering if u can make a mod that you can put on multiple hairstyles at once. and u can make that we can wear the vintage clothes too
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  6. Vehicle spawner and the ability to drive LEGION vehicles, I always thought of driving them. Maybe the vehicle game files can be modified.
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  7. I like this idea, I would like it if they can really be drivable.
  8. Add boats and aircraft.
  9. More animations for taunts and compliments
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  10. I feel like misc. items (like food stands that aren't used for the story is taking up too much memory and script) in game can be taken out to optimize the game.
    Volition went all out with the textures for those small world items that we almost never see because of the over the top nature of gameplay.
    If there a mod to lighten the load of memory the game takes it would optimize the game so it can actually be playable, for 960 users like myself.