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Discussion in 'Modding Chat' started by Admixon, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. Saints Army except it's for Saints Row The Third
  2. The mod I was hoping to see is a skin-replace for one of the Neuron's skins with Tiffany. I feel this is one of the more detailed car models and I really like the way it looks, I am surprised it is not out as a DLC yet (maybe with a re-color perhaps, fitting the agency vehicles). Either way I'd be very happy to see it as a skin-mod or a DLC, what do you guys think?
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  3. Bullet range extension.
    Noticed characters like Gat have the round trajectory of a Space Marine. Would like to give that a boost
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  4. Its possible to do, only problem is finding the skin for what you want capture, use & edit
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  5. You're the man! I personally suck at those type of things, so I don't see myself being able to do it honestly speaking :( Have you tried it? If you could post a screenshot or something I am literally going to love you :) (or a video tutorial might be very helpful, all though I know I'm kind of asking too much, it's probably time consuming as well... ). Let me know if you tried changing the skins and if it worked and PM me perhaps, if you wish to do so! Thanks again!
  6. Its easy to edit the skins, but cause you can't unwrap them off a model, you can't create your own skins. So your stuck within what ever you get. Sorry I had screenshots, but they are test.
    Pro though is the File names aren't randomly generated so I think you can use the same file name of the .dds2 to find or if I give you a file and you have ResoRep installed & Setup, you can use it.
    AOM - DDS Plugin Works1.png AOM - DDS Plugin Works2.png AOM - DDS Plugin Works3.png AOM - DDS Plugin Works4  [Unchecked Generate MipMaps].png AOM - DDS Plugin Works5  [Had to Restart Game, Checked Generate MipMaps].png
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