1. Admixon

    AoM Shirt

    Description Just a shirt with Agents of Mayhem logo. Originally posted on steam workshop in 2016 Screenshots Installation Guide (make sure your game is closed before downloading the mod) Steam 1. Go to 2. Press big green...
  2. Admixon

    [CS77] Genki Girls - Wary Owl

    Cyber Saints 2077 main thread: NOTE - Everything you can buy in any clothing store - Cyber Parts may not look good on all custom faces === All models were created by me. Download | GoG...
  3. Admixon

    [GoG] Agents of Mayhem items for SRIV

    BRADDOCK Download AoM_Braddock.vpp and place it in Saints Row 4\mods ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAISY Download AoM_Daisy.vpp and place it in Saints Row 4\mods...
  4. Admixon

    SPOILERS Patches and Updates

    Patch v1.03 - Sept 11, 2017 GENERAL MISSION FIXES Fixed enemy and vehicle spawning issues in missions (failed to spawn, spawning in unreachable areas, inside props, etc) Fixed issue with dungeon doors not opening when mission objective updates Fixed infinite load that could occur if player...
  5. D

    Exclusivity deadline?

    I was just wondering if Volition was planning on releasing their exclusive DLC from their pre-order deal (Gat, skins, other characters) any time soon. I was pretty bummed that I couldn't pre-order, because Johnny Gat is the G.O.A.T.! Another reason is, Volition and many other companies love...
  6. -=SoA=- [Dirty Dan]

    Agents of Mayhem - Using .xtbl or .lua files

    Does the engine still accept .xtbl or .lua files in say the root directory like the previous saint row games?
  7. Admixon

    Admixon's ReShade Preset for AoM

    So hi. It's my first mod for Agents of Mayhem so yeah... Check the screenshots below: Click HERE for SR TT version VERSION ONE VERSION TWO INSTALLATION GUIDE 1. Download Reshade: 2. Download an ini file and place it to steamapps\common\Agents of Mayhem\aom 3...
  8. Admixon

    AoM | Show Your Best Pics

    Post you AoM screenies here ;)
  9. Admixon

    Mods Ideas

    Post your mods ideas here.