1. CommyGT

    SR1 - All Cars in Foreign Power

    This will add every single car to Saints Row 1's Foreign Power as well as the unobtainable/cut ones. Does not include special variants, just standard versions. That said every car has been customized and to fit the Saints Row theme I added some form of purple to most of these. All customizable...
  2. A

    Wwise 2012 DL Broken

    Hey all, So, I've recently been looking into making a mod for the Dubstep gun, and I see that it requires Wwise 2012.2 build 4419. When I went to the download page linked in the SRMods forum, it appears that even after accepting the license agreement the download does not initiate. I've spam...
  3. yohnny

    Zapłacę za mody! / I'll pay for mods!

    (PL) Siemano wszystkim, jak mówi tytuł, zapłacę każdemu, kto wykona dla mnie proste mody takie jak: zamiana treści na plakatach (głównie w mieszkaniu Ex Shaundi i garażu Kinzie), zmiana treści wyświetlanej na ekranach telewizorów i ekranów komputerów, zmiana modelu postaci i nakładanie innych...
  4. puss2puss

    New Discord server, check it out!

    Hell0 Saints! :cool: A few weeks ago i came back into modding and helll it feels good! And now, i just launched my Discord server! If anyone is interested to visit it, everyone is welcomed, it would give me a small boost and perhaps you may find something you like :) Happy modding, -puss2puss...
  5. MODSaintsRow

    Homies & NPCs Saints Row The Third | 2022 New heli and land squad homies for protection / Vtol2 with squad 6man ,black beer full squad 6man ,white eagle squad 6man

  6. The Notorious Josh 2.0™

    Animations SR1 Styled Gun Aiming (Sideways)

    i would really love to see a mod for SR2 to have the SR1 Styled Sideways gun holding from SR1 for SR2 Mod, hopefully someone in this site will be useful and at least answer if NOT able to make the mod or even have the files to download the mod, anyways thanks! :)
  7. B

    Modding support? Rip modding?

    While the developers are silent about modding, I'll ask you what you think about it? Do we wait for an official answer about mod support, or not, which of you is ready to make truly real tools for creating mods? Map editor, visual scripting, animatuon tools, and so on, I hope there are such...
  8. S

    How to Mod & Edit Cutscenes in SR2

    Can Someone tell me how to mod and edit cutscenes in saints row 2, i've seen masakoteam and mrsaintsgodzilla21 do it before, so how do i do it??
  9. Myst047

    Extended Body Slider (via triangle or tweaktable)

    Was wondering if it was possible to do something like this yet, as we had one one for saints 3 with the triangle, and saint 4 with the triangle and tweaktable. kinda miss my thicc boss waifu :( and would love one in remaster :rolleyes:
  10. cediegreyhat

    SuperSonic Mod

    SuperSonic Mod *This is a mod for SRTT*(PC Only) Mod Features -Supersonic Speed(literally fast sprint) -supersonic swimming -faster fire spread animation(its to fast to notice) -other shit too (i added hidden features just find it) -Time Control(Next Update) -Walkthrough walls(Next Update)...
  11. LividKilla66

    Proper Cop Animations

    Cop Animation V1 So ik you can get the cop animations thru gentlemen of the row but their missing a few animations and while some are broken amd don't work right, after 2 hours of digging and a lot of sweat I've fixed all the animations and added ones that were missing, also added new walks...
  12. EmperorMays

    Homies & NPCs Witcher 3 Homie Mod?

    I had recently acquired a PC suitable for gaming and I'm able to play Saints Row 3 now. With that I'm fairly interested in modding the game to see what kinds of mods I can put in it. I'm kind of new to the site but I'm curious if it's possible to use different models for Saints Row 3 or if it's...
  13. shiningknight345

    No Garage / Crib / Store Music

    So I know the simple way to do this is to just disable the music in game entirely, but considering I just went through the process to replace the in game radio music I'd rather not do that. Is there a mod out there that just prevents the music from playing in the crib or store menus? Or is...
  14. FuroreLT

    Help Getting Sandbox+ To work with GOG Version?

    So i recently brought SR2 from GOG and downloaded GOTR (Gentleman of the row) and got it working but for some reason i can't seem to get Sandbox's codes to work. I moved the SR2.lua file to both the root folder and the GOTr's "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder Do i have to do...
  15. Smitster

    Saint's Row 2 Renovated Church Crib

    This mod makes the renovated church, (in the Saints Row District) a crib, it doesn't add much, just an extra place to change clothes, replay missions, get cash, and also change out your weapons, its not like the original church in Saints Row. It was made with the Nova SPE Alternative Cribs (Just...
  16. FuroreLT

    SOLVED Modifying Sandbox+, Scripts Questions

    So My end goal is basically do what is done in this video, It's been a nice little diversion for me but I've hit a wall. Where can i find the scripts for Saints Row The Third (particularly the Three Way Mission) and how do I input them into Sandbox+ with their own Key binds? As you can see...
  17. J

    does anyone know how to play as dex in saints row 2 pc ?

    i found the dex model photo on wiki can anyone help so i can play as him
  18. B

    How to activate specific mods?

    My issue is with the "Things to do in Steelport - Family edition" mod. Some of the hotkeys it uses are "SEMICOLON" and "RBRACKET" such as "- 6 + SEMICOLON - Give $10,000 cash" Trying to use these yields no results. I've tried pressing "6 + (,) [which is where the semicolon ; is on...
  19. Lupo Yutani

    Bloom? Skybox issue?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for mods or settings to reduce the bloom in this game? Or maybe change the Sky? because it is difficult getting pictures in this game with the way the lighting and contrast is. It's really annoying since I just found the R+Home in Idol's cheats for the game...
  20. P

    Saint's Row: The Third modding questions

    Hi! I'm Danny. I'm new to this forum, and to forums in general, as well as modding this game. So, naturally, I'm looking to start small before I move on to the impossible. My first question would be involving replacing files in this game, and how that technically works. I know that other mods...