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Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Xlore, Nov 21, 2011.

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    That is looking good. The nipples don't line up with where the pasties are, but i'm starting to think they look better here than there. Still, the areolas poke out over the top of certain suits that should probably be hiding a bit more. I'd love one that has the nipples in the same spot as the pasties to try, for a comparison. Maybe i can make it myself if i figure out how to pack textures or whatever it is that people have so much trouble with.

    edit: Would you believe that the hardest part of this seems to be finding a way to edit a DDS file? Especially when I somehow fuck up adding the DDS header. Now i'm on track.

    edit2: Okay, i really... wow, yeah, the position of the texture is all wrong. How did i mess that up? Oh, well. You were right about this being an annoying process. I think i'm going to just be satisfied with whatever you make.
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    I use Gimp with the dds plugin.I tried a skin with texmod and placed the aureola's where the pasties are and didn't like the way they looked.It was as if they were pointing downward.
  3. New guy here.

    I'm not entire familiar with the mechanics of SR3 modding, but having done some work
    with  TS3,  I reckon you can easily edit a .DDS file with Photoshop + NVIDIA .DDS Plugin.
  4. I just got home an hour ago and started reading up on a few basic SR:TT modding.

    Here's my hand at a nude female mod. Anyone cares to test it out, I'd appreciate it.

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  5. Great work dude, especially on the breasts since they don't have nipples showing outside the bra like other mods have. Vulva looks much more realistic as well. Best nude mod I've tried such far.

    You should post it in mod releases if you haven't already. You could also make a "waxed" version if you have the time.
  6. Im trying to do my own texture to the body, and its crashing the game when I put it back.
    I'm thinking its be cause the dds file is saved wrong, I'm using dds plugin for photoshop and dont know how to save ..
    my tools are the last released....
  7. Hey guys, I came here trying to remove the censor mosaic, and I'm trying to follow these instructions above.
    I was looking for this file "customization_items.xtbl", but I realised it's not in my installation files.
    I googled it and I found this other set of instructions on the Saints Row Wikia:

    edit the misc_tables.vpp_pc file with Gibbed Tools and a text editor. Unpack misc_tables.vpp_pc, open customization_items.xtbl, search for <Name>privacy bar top</Name> and <Name>privacy bar bottom</Name>, under <Wear_Option>, change <disabled>no</disabled> to <disabled>yes</disabled>, repack the misc_tables folder.

    So I have downloaded the latest version of Gibbed Tools and found the folder containing the ones for SR3, and also found the "misc_tables.vpp_pc" file in the game installation files. How do I open it with the Gibbed Tools now? The tools folder contains various .exe and .dll files, but I don't know what to do with them.

    Thanks for your help!

    EDIT: ahem, I found this guide and was able to go further. I edited the customization_items.xtbl file, but it's unclear to me what to do with it now. The guide says to just put it where the game exe is? I'll try that but I guess.

    EDIT: OMG, it worked! Now I only have to figure out which nude mod to install and how. There seems to be so many.
  8. Late, very very late, but just started playing SR3. Been looking around, found this, read the README and it works great. Thanks!
  9. does it work with male characters and if it doesn't does anyone know a nudepatch for male characters?
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