Hidden Cheat Enabler

works for the most part however typing in lolz adds gang notoriety instead.
That's because this dude just replaced these cheats with others. lolz add's 5 Stars of Gang Notoriety by default. This dude is just trying to get credit for a mod and he did nothing except replace cheats.
Please be mindful of Rule #1. It is literally the first rule on the list.
pissoffpigs = Hulk Strength
brains = Evil cars
dui = Riots
goldengun = Change time of day
fryhole=giant character
lolz = rath of god
goodygoody=rain pedestrians
oops=tiny player​

These are the LITERALLY the worst names you could have ever thought of.


manlet = Hulk Strength
decepticons = Evil cars
la = Riots
daliclock = Change time of day
gulliver=giant character
Zeus = wrath of god
itsrainingmen=rain pedestrians
borrowers=tiny player
Actually, as I said on IdolNinja's blog, the XML file is divided in table and tabletemplates tags.

All tags in tabletemplates won't work, so to be able to use them you have to move them in the table tag.

Below is a file in which I activated some cheats like no hud and some that Bmhur1 talked about.

By the way, Wrath of God did nothing for me when I tried it so I didn't put it in.

Here is the list:
Hide HUD : nohud
Low Gravity : moonwalker
Change time of day : ticktock
God Mode : turkeyburgers
Evil Cars : werecars
Pedestrian War : shitstorm
Giant Player : fuckimhuge
Tiny Player : sotiny
Raining Pedestrians : itsrainingmen

No existing cheats are replaced, and I put funnier codes for those which had a number.

By the way, nohud is non-flagging. It didn't think it was game-breaking.
whats the diffrence between never die cheat and the god mode?