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Hi guys !
I'm working on a HD textures pack because i don't really like much the texture with big pixel in the game.
So time to explain what i'm going to do.
1st : work on texture of the city.
2nd : work on the texture of any kind of object in the city.
3rd : work on texture effect like , blood , smoke , explosion , etc
4th : Work on the npcs texture and the character we play ( skin , hair , eyes , teeth , etc )
And for others i will see.

You can download the HD pack here :
Version 1.0 12/15/2012
Version 1.1 12/17/2012
Version 1.2 12/19/2012 HD Texture pack v1.2.rar
Version with a texture fixed who had a big number on it texture pack fixed.rar

Alternate download:

Its in progress so i'm adding more and more texture into the pack.

For the one using GoS and get trouble here is what to do
If you're using this mod with GoS, you need to take a couple extra steps first to avoid mission replay crashing:

Open up your Gentlemen of Steelport folder, extract stream_grid.asm_pc to 'optional_mod_stuff/sr3_city_0.vpp_pc' and overwrite. Then extract sr3_city_awld.str2_pc to 'optional_mod_stuff/1-MY_EXTRA_MODS' and then create a new GoS installation. Put it in your SR3 folder and you're good to go.
Thanks shitface :cool:

I will be back working on my mod when SRIV come out.
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Wow... that's some damn good work, I only have a little experience in clothing and character texturing from my GTA, Fallout, and Resident Evil days. I have to say though, I tried unpacking textures in SR3, and it felt greek to me. Awesome work though.
Looking fantastic so far!

I was actually meaning to have a brush with HD texturing(still waiting for a tool to handle .gpeg_pc/.cpeg_pc files).
But it's nice to see someone making progress with it. It's about time we get rid of those pesky low resolution textures!
Loving it, I'd totally help you out, I'm a fairly good environmental artist, and with the UV mapping and modelling already done, just creating textures sounds fun. How do you do it? If I know that I'd be more than happy to do a few textures in my spare time.
okay thanks Hevon, if I come up with anything I'm happy with I'll PM you, I think it'd be better to add them to what you already have rather than make a separate texture pack :)