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I really hate cracking games... really I do. But I just can't afford them...
SR:TT was 80% off during the sale so no, this is not an excuse anymore. Seriously, would you pirates have a bit of honor not to ask for help on the forum at very least?

EDIT: Info from (why the fuck am I even wasting my time for this?)
Lowest price: 2,99€ (80% off)
Recorded 44 days ago on Steam
Highest cut: 80% off (2,99€)
Recorded 44 days ago on Steam
Last sale: 75% off (3,74€)
Recorded 9 days ago on Steam
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SR IV Version
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Hi guys !
I'm working on a HD textures pack because i don't really like much the texture with big pixel in the game.
So time to explain what i'm going to do.
1st : work on texture of the city.
2nd : work on the texture of any kind of object in the city.
3rd : work on texture effect like , blood , smoke , explosion , etc
4th : Work on the npcs texture and the character we play ( skin , hair , eyes , teeth , etc )
And for others i will see.

You can download the HD pack here :
Version 1.0 12/15/2012
Version 1.1 12/17/2012
Version 1.2 12/19/2012 HD Texture pack v1.2.rar
Version with a texture fixed who had a big number on it texture pack fixed.rar <= last version
Its in progress so i'm adding more and more texture into the pack.

For the one using GoS and get trouble here is what to do

Thanks shitface :cool:

I will be back working on my mod when SRIV come out.
link broken