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Gentlemen of Steelport Compilation

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by [V] IdolNinja, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. note to self: maybe don't activate the extended character creation sliders so i don't look like Johnny Bravo.

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  2. Nice mod compilation :D
  3. are all these features/items in the things to do in steelport mod compilation?
  4. not sure if people still come here its 2018 of Jan 13th i downloaded the mod extract the folder to my desktop and i didnt need to run the remove all mods batch file as the game was a clean install of GOG i have all DLC from GOG and when i double click the custom batch file nothing happens
  5. got the batch file to work i just moved it to my laptop added what i want and send the file back to my desktop
  6. How do I install this?
  7. where do u get stuck?
    run Create_Custom_GoS_v1 batch file, pick whatever u want,
    then u'll find some new files in MY_CUSTOM_SR3_MODS folder,
    copy & paste those into
    ..\steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\packfiles\pc\cache\
  8. All of it I don't understand I'm really new to this one so don't know how to please help me? thanks
  9. But don't want my character to look deformed at all I would like the gang one and if there is a weapons one and outfits I one and decker specialist better animation cuz sandbox + I can't use my weapons probably
  10. ok, this' how i did it.
    1) download the Gentlemen_of_Steelport_v1.0_Beta_3.rar file from
    2) (i use WinRAR) right click the rar file, choose "extract to Gentlemen_of_Steelport_v1.0_Beta_3"
    3) open the newly extracted Gentlemen_of_Steelport_v1.0_Beta_3 file, if you have other mods (e.g. nude mod), u may put them in the subfile of optional_mod_stuff, 1-MY_EXTRA_MODS. (i've heard some mod can't be installed in via GoS so you gotta check that out)
    4) go back to Gentlemen_of_Steelport_v1.0_Beta_3 main file, you should see Create_Custom_GoS_v1.bat, open that.
    5) if you want basic stuff, enter C, otherwise A
    6) after u enter A, u shd see a list, make sure NOT to tick 3.1 Extended Character Creation Sliders, leave that empty! (if u don't want character to look deformed)
    also, some weapons mod doesn't work with gang one mod.
    7) after picking all ur desired mod, i press P, then wait few seconds for the files to be created.
    8) in Gentlemen_of_Steelport_v1.0_Beta_3 main folder, u should see a subfold named MY_CUSTOM_SR3_MODS, copy everything inside MY_CUSTOM_SR3_MODS,
    paste it to C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third\packfiles\pc\cache\
    (game folder maybe slightly different on your pc)
    9) should be working if u start the game now.
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