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    This tutorial will show you how to edit the player's animations.
    note: any file with "m" in the title(ex: GML1) is for male character's, any file with f the title instead is the female version of some of the animations in the corrisponding "m" folder.

    STEP 1: open up GMLl1.xtbl found in common.vpp_pc. use minimaul's toos to extract packfiles.(you can use notepad, notepad+ or any other programme for editing .xtbl files.)

    STEP 2: find the animation you which to replace,highlght it, and replace it with a new one. example:
    Code (Text):
    <State><ID>ANIMATION</ID><Animation><Filename>INSERT ANIMATION HERE</Filename></Animation></State>
    STEP 3: save the changes and put the modded file into your patch. and test it out.

    REFERENCE: Here's a list of files and which animations they include:
    • GML1 = The male boss' animations along with homies and other npc's
    • GFL1 = The female version of the GML1 animations.
    • PFL1 = Female civillian animations
    • PML= Male civillian animations
    • CML1= cop animations
    • CML_SWTt1= swat and masako animations
    • YKZA= ronin animations
    • POL1_Life= animations for o2 tank pulling elderly civilians and bums
    • POL1 animation for elderley and other civilians like tourists
    • BRO_LIFE= animations for the brotherhood's members.
    • PML_ZOMBIE= used for zombies (obviously)
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  2. I actually joined this forum because I was looking for an answer to this question so thanks for the start in the right direction. What I am still not understanding is where you find the listing of available animations. You say "replace it with a new one". Which new one? Where are all the available animations from which to select the replacement?

    Also, which of the XML nodes contains which in-game animation?

    OK, what I am trying to do is use GoTR but with the original taunt animations. I don't know if my install was nerfed or what but my favorite taunts have simply disappeared.

    Another problem I encountered was in opening the GFL1.xtbl file - it is completely tiny compared to the GML1.xtbl file so I am not sure what is going on there. You say one file is the male version and one file is the female version. How is it possible for the female file to be so tiny if that were the case? <==== Edit - I misread what you said. You did say it contains female files for *some* animations

    There are nodes "flip off" and "compliment" in GFL1 but even after deleting them, rebuilding the vpp_pc, copying it to my 1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE and running Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat nothing changed.

    So if you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I am looking for a mapping between "STEP 2: find the animation you which to replace,highlght it, and replace it with a new one" and what exactly those XML nodes are as far as in-game animations. I also need to know where the .animx files are located so I can try to figure out what the valid choices are for "replace it with a new one".

    Thank you so much for any pointers you can give.
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  3. Like in the rest of the Saints Row games, the male player animations are the "parent" of the female animations. This in my definition means that the game will read the male animations before being overwritten with the female animations. This also explains why GML1 has more animations than in GFL1. While GML1 contains a complete library of animations, GFL1 borrows some from GML1. Whatever animations GFL1 is missing, if borrows from GML1.

    You can have a look at Anim_Files.xtbl for the complete list, but I recommend checking other animation groups like YKZA or PFL1 for better understanding.

    Also to my understanding, GFL1 and it's animations do not work in SR2, either it was because of a bad PC port or it was a technical issue the developers could not solve at the time.
  4. Thanks, so the GFL1 is only there for any animations that differ between the male and female models. That makes sense. And thanks for the pointers to the other files - I only started doing this today when I saw how cheap the PC version of SR2 was on Steam lol. I played it way back when on XBox 360 and am hoping the PC version will be at least as much fun. I am seriously just trying to figure out what to edit so I get my taunt animation back. Is the fact mine are missing pointing to something I did wrong with my installation of GoTR?

    Also, in the Anim_Files.xtbl I see something like this: gml1_bs_sd_taunt_a.animx So, I think "Hmmm, this might be a TAUNT file...." So, how do I know what this file actually looks like? Where is it stored so I can pull it up in Blender or whatever to see if it is the taunt from the before the GotR mod removed it (or I installed the mod wrong) that I am looking for?
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  5. You might run into some files that don't work, I suggest patching with GML1 instead. I don't think GFL1 works.
  6. OK, I will try that if I can find some info about which filenames are for which animations. Do you have any idea which archive contains the actual .animx files?

    Sorry I am such a noob at this. What would help a lot would be if I knew which XML node contained the information of "Hey - this is the animation that the user chose to be the taunt animation". As it is now, the GML1 file contains 3 references to "taunt":
    <Action><ID>Taunt 1</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_taunt_a.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Taunt 2</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_taunt_b.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Taunt 3</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_taunt_c.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>

    and 20 references to "insult" (not counting the gang insults):
    <Action><ID>Insult A</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_a.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult B</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_b.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult C</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_c.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult D</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_d.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult E</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_e.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult F</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_f.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult G</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_g.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult H</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_h.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult I</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_i.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult J</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_j.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult K</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_k.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult L</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_l.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult M</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_m.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult N</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_n.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult O</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_o.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult P</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_p.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult Q</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_q.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult R</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_r.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult S</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_s.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>
    <Action><ID>Insult T</ID><Animation><Filename>gml1_bs_sd_insult_t.animx</Filename></Animation></Action>

    I could find nothing to help show which of these the user has chosen to be the active taunt. It wasn't even until I looked at the file that I realized there were both "taunts" and "insults"o_O

    So if anyone could help show me what line needs to be changed, I will play the game of one-by-one trying every single one of those files and rebuilding my patch and re-starting the game and then taunting until I find the right one.
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  7. Is it possible to create additional animation groups?
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  9. Thank you very much. Now I just need to figure out which animation stand for that ridiculous "bitch slap" fighting move my character has by default and replace it with something else (like the ronin arm-break or something from "samedi") .... Ugh, I can't stand it...that ridiculous back-hand slap.
  10. hello i have question please when i head to jewelry store the and wait there for half a minute the player does animation putting his hand behind back and looking at the jewels , i want this animation to load in the sandbox of Gentle man of the row but i didnt find this animation in the sandbox ,please if you have any idea how to load this animation or how i can replace it with any other animation in the game ,please guide me step by step how to load it because i dont know how to edit xtbl files i will really appreciate that thank u
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