1. M

    One animation really annoys me

    I would like some help. I really want to remove or replace one of the take down animations that being the brotherhood headbash. Please and thank you
  2. j3lly_m3lly

    Animations remove joke takedowns

    i could really use a mod that removes these stupid joke takedowns- a gag can only be funny so many times...
  3. Gabonza

    GPZ's Alternate Stand Animations V1.4 for Saints Row TTR

    Hello, Could someone do a similar version to GPZ's Alternate Stand Animations for Saints Row the Third Remastered? I tried using the same files but it doesn't work. Also I am aware of Spadita's Cop Animations but that changes more animations than just the standing ones. Thank you for reading...
  4. Vlad Viper

    Choppy Animations Fix

    This mod will fix all the choppy animations. To install it just extract "anim_files.xtbl" into the directory where your exe is. Made By Vlad Viper Preview:
  5. Randy Jackson

    Animations NPCs Running Animations

    I don’t know exactly where the technology stands today when it comes to animations, but is it possible to get the civilians running animations? Like some of these ladies running animations
  6. LividKilla66

    Proper Cop Animations

    Cop Animation V1 So ik you can get the cop animations thru gentlemen of the row but their missing a few animations and while some are broken amd don't work right, after 2 hours of digging and a lot of sweat I've fixed all the animations and added ones that were missing, also added new walks...
  7. ThatsMe

    Melee Overhaul

    Melee Overhaul The goal of this mod is to make melee and takedowns much better by making it closer to Saints Row 2, and restoring cut content (hence why the logo still uses old design ;)) Mod Features -3 new weapon takedowns restored from beta version, move takedown with rifles, move takedown...
  8. T

    Viewing .anim_pc Animation Files

    Is there any way to actually view these animations outside the game? For example, in Blender, 3DS Max, etc?
  9. S

    How edit anim_pc

    Hi I want edit some animation files for example can i edit these files? I mean what program can open them?
  10. F

    editing player animations

    This tutorial will show you how to edit the player's animations. note: any file with "m" in the title(ex: GML1) is for male character's, any file with f the title instead is the female version of some of the animations in the corrisponding "m" folder. STEP 1: open up GMLl1.xtbl found in...