Currently working on a couple weapon mods but I can't get them to work properly. Can anyone help me?

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    Hey it's me again, I got a quickly update. So I just noticed that weapon templates show that most of the weapons' clips' pivot points are typically in the center of the clip and this gave me an idea. I thought maybe all I needed to do for bone_clip of my weapon's mesh is to make sure the pivot point stays in the center of the clip. So I tried and I, of course, made sure to record my steps and to show what where my results was. Here are my steps:

    IMG 1.gif

    IMG 2.gif

    IMG 3.gif

    IMG 4.gif

    IMG 5.gif

    IMG 6.gif

    IMG 7.gif

    IMG 8.gif

    IMG 9.gif

    IMG 10.gif

    IMG 11.gif

    IMG 12.gif

    IMG 13.gif

    IMG 14.gif

    15) And here is the result...fuck...
    IMG 15 RESULTS.png

    ...So yeah, I am still having issues with bone_clip and I am still just as confused on where I keep messing up at. I have been working on this mod for almost a week now and it's honestly getting to the point where I just wanna throw hands up and scrap the whole mod out pure frustration. I am at totally lost at this point and it feels like no matter what I do to try to find where I keep screwing up at. So please, PLEASE, if anyone has the time and patience to help me walk through this mess I would tremendously appreciate it. This is like my seventh try at this and still I keep running into bugs, glitches, and etc. I hope to hear back from anyone who happens to read this because I am getting really desperate and I really what want to learn how to do this kind of modding to expand my horizon so to speak. If not then I guess then I am shit out of luck and thanks for at least reading this I guess.
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