weapon skins

  1. AxleStone_Uppa

    Bronze, Silver & Gold Baseball Bats.

    Hi everyone, thought I would share with you my custom Baseball Bat mod which I have been working on for a while. As the title states the mod features Bronze, Silver and Golden Metallic Custom Baseball bats with a nice (Carbon Fibre Grip) at the bottom. Here are some images of the final designs...

    Currently working on a couple weapon mods but I can't get them to work properly. Can anyone help me?

    Hey it's me, no I'm not dead, again. I'm currently trying my hands at making a couple weapon mods for Saints Row IV, for the eight hundredth time lol. So far everything seems to be going smoothly and I did make sure to follow Henry08's SRIV SDK Release B: Creating new weapon tutorial step by...
  3. J

    More Ported SR4 and GooH weapons for SR:TT

    I love MLVNRT's weapon skin mod but there should be another set appropriate for one of the gangs or law enforcement. Here are some suggestion for skin replacement: Melee: - Homer replacing Baseball Bat - Laser Razor replacing Nocturne Pistols: - Hand Crossbow replacing .45 Shepherd - 9mm...
  4. K

    Character Customization Alternate Lv. 4 AK

    Hi, I'm not a big fan of the ammunation box on the lv 4 AK, but I've found this model in Friendly Fire store : https://ibb.co/SfHZtQ6 Could it be used as player weapon ? Or at least, is it possible to get the dual magazines from level 3 on level 4 version ? Thanks in advance
  5. F

    Christmas in Stilwater

    CHRISTMAS IN STILWATER NOTE: This mod is outdated. Download better snow textures here. The original mod is included in NOVA SPE
  6. Singa

    Christmas Skins

    Hoe, hoe, hoe! This mod brings a little bit of festivity to Stilwater or at least to your arsenal. Included are a retexture for the 40oz that turns it into delicious German Glühwein a retexture for the molotov cocktail which also turns it into a delicious (and deadly) German Glühwein a...
  7. Portavski

    Gold AK-47 re-texture

    This mod will change the textures for the AK-47 in-game to a new golden version of the AK-47. Before: After: In game demonstration: I am also new to saintsrowmods.com Please report any issues with the textures should there be any. I allow anybody to use this in their mod(s) as long as...
  8. Henry08

    How to create styles and skins for your weapon

    Saints Row 4 has two type of skins 1) Styles or costumes - 3d models which can have own icon, animation, vfx, description but it always imposes data like clip size, fire rate etc from weapons.xtbl 2) Skins - simple textures which you can apply on some style or weapon Today I will teach you how...
  9. Henry08

    Cleric's gun

    New gun inspired by the movie Equilibrium. It's like SMG but pistol. It's version v1.2 and I have kinda fixed it.
  10. Henry08

    RE5 pistol style pack

    8 costumes from Resident Evil 5 for Heavy Pistol and one from Resident Evil 4. You can help to translate mod strings to your language, it has only english and russian translation now. BERETTA 92F Timeless classics HEAVY PISTOL The handgun of choice for the police forces. BERETTA 92F S.T.A.R.S...
  11. Henry08

    RE5 Assault rifles style and skin pack

    Styles and skins from resident evil 5 for Shokolov AR. UPD: Fixed gun position on the back Added Polish translation by -RKI- Added English translation by MLVNRT You can help me to translate this strings to your language or fix some my typos and mistakes. I am not so good in eangrish. AK-74...
  12. JasperNeils

    20th Century Weapons

    It says in the Read Me post that weapon meshes aren't possible, but I see them being requested and on the workshop now, so I guess they are? Was wondering if anyone could mod in more 20th century weaponry into the game, like the Luger for the quick pistols, Webley or Enfield for slow pistols...
  13. Admixon

    Game of the Century Upgrade Pack Problem

    Hi Volition, I would like to buy GOTC Upgrade Pack but Steam says that I already have this pack but it's a lie. Yes, I have all DLCs but I want that 1 weapon skin which is included only in GOTC but I don't have but Steam says that... I can't buy it. I have Steam in Polish because I'm from...
  14. F

    Weapon arsenal overhaul

    This mod completly changes the arsenal of weapons in sr2: GREANADE LAUNCHER(replaces pirate hook) UPGRADED LAZARUS NEW TOMBSTONE MODEL (replaces orbital launcher) NEW MODEL FOR AK47 (replaces tec9\t3k9) NEW TEXTURE FOR RPG NEW TOMMYGUN (replaces as14) NEW TEXTURE FOR AR50...
  15. Fan of Saints

    SilverLink Pack

    --> DESCRIPTION <-- This one is for those who hate Expanded Arsenal Mod. It's pure SilverLink content, without any other features. I also enabled all those crappy money/respect bonuses for pussies so you'll get combo of unlock screens after launching the game. ;) --> HOW TO INSTALL? <-- Copy...