weapon mod

  1. Noodlock

    AR-55 Full-auto.

    I really like AR guns more than AK, but i just cant stand with the AR-55 shooting mode, please made a full-auto for this gun. Its already released for SRTT and i was using AR-55 in it all the time.
  2. Singa

    Fart Spray

    I decided to make the edit to the pepperspray from my previous mod its own separate mod for people who don't want diarrhea weapons. Screenshots: Installation: To install it simply move weapons.xtbl, p_pepperspray.peg_pc and p_pepperspray.g_peg_pc from this mod into "Gentlemen Of The...
  3. Singa

    Diarrhea Gun Sounds (April Fools 2022)

    This mod changes the audio of most weapons to vomit and poop sounds. Installation: To install it simply move the weapons.xtbl from this mod into "Gentlemen Of The Row" > "optional_mod_stuff" > "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" and build a patch like you usually do. To uninstall...
  4. Singa

    Singa's Weapon Mods

    This is a bundle of all my weapon mods for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered, making my mods compatible with each other. You can choose to download the mod standalone or a version that is compatible with F13's Super Ethical Patch. Included are: Permanently Keep Temporary Weapons: This mod...
  5. JebBushOfficial


    Exactly as the title says. EVERY PISTOL EVERY SMG EVERY SHOTGUN EVERY RIFLE AND MORE! For a complete list, check right under this, you dork. In addition to the base game's pistol and SMG dual-wield, and GOTR's Twelve Gauge, I've added the following. STUN GUN LAZARUS TOMBSTONE THE ORBITAL...
  6. Davie56

    Having issues with weapon mods

    I'm not sure if I can get some help but I am having issues with the workshop with weapon mods not loading into the game. Clothing mods and environments do fine and I have all expansions, The emblems for them show up but greyed out in the menu and can't click on them and select it using the arrow...
  7. JebBushOfficial

    Dual Wield EVERYTHING

    I'll keep this short; I'm making a mod that allows you to dual wield every gun in the game. It's really close to finishing. The only issue with this I've found is that your arms bug out when standing still. Not a huge deal, it shouldn't affect gameplay. I'm still playing through the Gentlemen of...

    Currently working on a couple weapon mods but I can't get them to work properly. Can anyone help me?

    Hey it's me, no I'm not dead, again. I'm currently trying my hands at making a couple weapon mods for Saints Row IV, for the eight hundredth time lol. So far everything seems to be going smoothly and I did make sure to follow Henry08's SRIV SDK Release B: Creating new weapon tutorial step by...
  9. D

    The Steelport Beautification Thread

    Welcome to the Steelport Beautification thread! As the title states, this thread is here to act as a guide to improving your virtual Steelport, not only aesthetically, but also functionally. I'm constantly using most of these along side each other in game and haven't had any issues...
  10. Wurf

    Melee Weapons Reworked

    This mod aims to change the work of some melee weapons (in insane ways of course) CHANGES: Bat -Insane knockback (inspired by GotR Baseball bat) ((By IdolNinja)) -All enemies now turn in the ragdolls when hit Penetrator -Less insane knockback than Baseball bat Nocturne -More damage Shock...
  11. Singa

    Christmas Skins

    Hoe, hoe, hoe! This mod brings a little bit of festivity to Stilwater or at least to your arsenal. Included are a retexture for the 40oz that turns it into delicious German Glühwein a retexture for the molotov cocktail which also turns it into a delicious (and deadly) German Glühwein a...
  12. Singa

    Dual Wield Stun Gun & Lazarus

    This mod allows you to dual wield the stun gun and Lazarus from GotR. You will also be able to use both of these weapons while in a car or on a bike. Screenshots: The mod comes in two versions. Both versions are compatible with GotR. Version 1 which is called "Regular" makes the...
  13. Singa

    Classic Tombstone

    This mod switches the Tombstone's model in Saints Row 2 to the model from Saints Row, which is used in cutscenes in Saints Row 2 and for the Orbital Launcher from Gentlemen of the Row. I made two files: One that simply makes the Tombstone look like in SR1 and another one which does the same...
  14. Singa

    Classic AS12 Riot

    This mod changes the AS12 Riot from Gentlemen of the Row to its counterpart in Saints Row 1. Higher firerate, 7 shots instead of 8, higher damage, and the classic SR1 sound. I used the weapons.xtbl from GotR as a base, so everything is still as you know it from that mod compilation with the...
  15. NarrowWatch

    Sniper Zoom for all Firearms;

    Is it possible to enable the sniper scope overlay to all firearms? It would be optimal to not have the option to zoom in, just the overlay+ the fps pov it provides, since having that option would defeat the sniper to me.