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Community Modding Wishlist

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [V] IdolNinja, May 30, 2013.

  1. Amazing news: IdolNinja was hired after the interview with Volition, and is now gonna be the new director of community modding relations! :eek:

    Well, even if not, I'm still hoping to see that article that seems to be stuck in publish delays, unless it came out somewhere and I missed it.

    What I'd REALLY also want is ways to do some real in-depth lua scripting, in general. Some real good hooks too, like say using a 'weapon', with proper ways to determine what you're targetting, certain situational flags, and so on. Lua in general with sensible hooks and scripts that make sense. The idea coming from this would be that you could take a given model (custom, existing in-game and reskinned, or what have you) and make a new weapon, possibly given by one of those missions you can now script possibly in a store.. and then declare what it does. More than just 'oh it shoots bullets pew pew' but more the level of 'it shoots an octopus model, and when it hits a character they play this animation then are suddenly changed to the player's team'.

    My first one would be the bling shotgun. As in, it literally fires 'bling'. It injures/knocks down people hit, but the stuff fired actually will stay on the ground, and nearby pedestrians will mob to scoop it up, and in turn distract/block the enemies from attacking you. :D
  2. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

    My SR4 impressions article is going to be released next Tuesday when E3 kicks off. The amazing news I mentioned is unrelated. ;)
  3. Then I could add that list to SciTE to make an in-depth editor for SR4 Lua's!
    (hypothetically, of course)
  4. Vehicle Mod's considering now "Deep Silver" owns it. I think it is possible.....o.o
  5. That would be #1 on my SR4 wishlist.
    And if you were granted only one wish from the SR4 genie, wouldn't you wish the same ?
    Then with his many years of SR modding experience, outstanding talent and insight, we can be sure that the possibilites of creative modding will only be limited by our imagination.

    For example;
    A - Creating new weapon attributes such as enabling the sword to stick to the NPC center of geometry and then releasing or throwing them. ( as shown below )

    B- Creating and adding new environment cheats ( similar to mascots or pimps & hos ) that can be enabled via the cell phone.

    Here are a few listed below.

    1 - City of Babes - All NPCs are now only the nice looking females.

    2 - City of Nude Babes - Same as above but now they are all nude.:D

    3 - Bitchy Brawl - All NPCs are nice looking females and they are all in a bitchin' mood and attacking everyone in sight resulting in cat fights everywhere.:p

    4 - Nude Brawling Bitches - Same as above but now there's nude cat fights everywhere.

    * Theories of how this can be done.
    -Path switching-
    This may be done via a variant that switches the texture used for each model by redirecting the path to a sub folder containing the nude textures.

    - NPC Duplication and Renaming -
    In the way that there are 2 female gimp girls, 2 female stripper cowgirls, nurses etc.
    It may be possible to make duplicates of them and create a new character.
    It would use the same geometry model mesh as the original but can now use it's own set of textures and AI behaviors.

    Default existing character

    Duplicated copied new character
  6. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard Staff Member

    I want the ability to set the GPS to be "Least number of Turns" instead of "Shortest Route"
    You lose so much speed having to constantly turn left/right/left/right/left/right through neighborhoods compared to when you drive just a little bit further and making a single left/right while staying on the main thoroughfares.
  7. What about setting weapons to run a pre-defined lua, that would allow alot of improvements in weapon mods. Locations of all the game files and what their purpose is, would allow us to find exactly what files we want faster.
  8. Being able to create new world spaces and texture packs would seal the deal pretty well.
  9. [V] IdolNinja

    [V] IdolNinja Volition Staff

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  10. 1. Create new missions and other scripts
    2. The ability the edit meshes or even add complete new ones, like new cars, guns
    3. A map editor, which would allow us to build our own maps. An option to add ped and traffic paths as well