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This mod adds Viola as the Bloody Cannoness to your cellphone as a seperate homie, just like how Josh and NyteBlayde are seperate entries.
She will silently unlock alongside Viola after you complete the mission Gangbang. If you load a save that already has that mission completed, you will still get the unlock.

So far she uses a Viola's icon and name in the cellphone and her description is "The official Nyte Blayde Bloody Cannoness outfit." Once we can edit strings and textures for the remaster, this will be updated.




To install it, copy homies.xtbl into "Program Files" > "Epic Games" > "SaintsRowTheThird".

To uninstall it, remove homies.xtbl from "Program Files" > "Epic Games" > "SaintsRowTheThird".


LucasRitter for his Saints Row: The Third - Remastered VPP viewer used to extract the file.

F13 for help with unlocks.


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Does this add Bloody Cannoness alongside Viola, like Birk and Nyte Blayde... Or does it replace her?
Sweet. Could the same be done for Gat, Pierce and Shaundi in their Spacesuits?

Also, the Saints Row Wiki shows a few different models for Gat/Zombie Gat, including an autopsy variant. Has this also been remastered, or was that just some crazy mod that made it to the Wiki page somehow?
We can't add infinite new homies, the limit might be 4 more than vanilla.
Yeah, just Gat, Pierce and Shaundi in Spacesuits.

The Zombie Gat Autopsy thing was just a curiosity I had. As I had never seen it before, in any mods or base game material.
The unlock has been confirmed to work, which means the mod is now released. Thanks to F13 for helping me with the unlock.